Five Reasons You Should Buy the Mi 10i Smartphone Right Now

Mi Mobile phone

Mi 10i 5G debuted in India with a starting price of 20,999 INR, and it is available for purchase now. But the question is, is Mi 10i 5G worth the money for the specs it provides? You may consider buying Mi 10i 5G over other smartphones. But hold on for a second to reckon if it is better to buy now or wait. You need to know what you can get if you buy Mi 10i 5G over other mi mobile phone models. 

In this article, we will discuss five reasons to help you determine just that.

Five Reasons you should buy Mi 10i 5G Today.

1. Solid Camera for flawless Photography

  • If you are a photographer, then you must cherish this phone. It has one of the Amazing Mi Mobile Phone Cameras in this price bracket. By default, this Mi mobile phone shoots in 12MP. 
  • The overall picture is decent and crisp. This Mi mobile phone is also suited for nighttime Photography. 
  • The 8MP ultrawide camera shoots good ultrawide photos flawlessly. The rest 2MP Macro and 2MP Depth sensors do their job perfectly. 
  • You can capture 1080P videos with high-grade stabilization. Some exceptional features enhance the user experience, like the clone feature. This feature enables you to duplicate yourself in a video or a photo. 

2. Phone for Gamers

  • If you are a mobile gamer, you may ask if the Mi 10i 5G is good for gaming. How is the new processor employed in Mi 10i? 
  • The Octa-core Snapdragon 750G chipset is adept at playing any game you start on it. Though it’s not the flagship processor, you may see minor frame drops at full settings. The mid to low-level games will operate smoothly on this phone. 
  • The super fast 120hz display enhances the gameplay if any game supports this refresh rate. 

3. Streaming and Browsing

  • Are you an avid fan of social media and watching a lot of videos? Then you will admire using the Mi 10i. 
  • The 6.67-inch screen is entirely an LCD with HDR1O+, making it great for streaming videos or browsing through the web. The colours are lively and well-tinted. 
  • The dual speakers inbuilt enhance the audio experience. This Mi mobile phone is perfect for listening to your Spotify playlist on repeat.
  • You will sense the evenness of this display while using any app. So, it’s a feast to the eyes and ears for content consumption in Mi 10i 5G. 

4. Long Lasting Battery 

  • If you loathe charging your phone time and again, then here is excellent news for you. With the adaptive-sync refresh rate in action, The 4820mAh mega battery on Mi 10i 5G can serve up to 1.5 days on a single charge. 
  • It implies you can enjoy the smoothness of the high refresh rate without the worry of charging. Also, the power-saving 8nm processor spends less power. 
  • The 33W charger can completely charge the battery in under an hour is fitted for heavy usage.
  • The Mi 10i 5G is a day-round smartphone. Unless you drive it too arduous, you can expect 1- 1.5 days of battery life. Generally, expect 7 hours of screen time. 

5. Value For Money Phone

  • If the phone can’t justify its price, then providing superb specs won’t help.
  • Xiaomi never disappoints at the game of value for money. In this regard, Mi 10i is worth trying. It offers a reasonable amount of money for the gadget. Now, It has entered the list of being the most Affordable 5G Mobile Phones
  • All the specs like 120Hz display, great cameras, 5G support, robust battery make this smartphone a value for money product. 

So, these are the reasons for buying and not buying the latest Mi 10i 5G smartphone. If you are thrilled to make this phone yours, get your hands on the Bajaj Finserv EMI network card to pay easy installments for your purchase of this Mi mobile phone while enjoying a zero-cost EMI.