Fishing in Nosara, Costa Rica


One of the many fun activities available in Nosara, Costa Rica is sport fishing in the Pacific Ocean. There are many popular varieties of fish commonly caught off the coast of Nosara, Costa Rica, including yellowfin tuna, black and blue marlin, red snapper, sailfish, and dorado, also known as Mahi Mahi. If you enjoy an excellent gastronomic experience with your fishing, there is no better place to fish than on the shores of Nosara, Costa Rica. These are the fish that are usually served in the most exclusive restaurants and nothing tastes better than cooking your own freshly caught gourmet truths.

A rental or a letter

You may want to simply rent a small boat and go on your own fishing trip or you may prefer to hire a qualified guide to take you in a rented boat to the place where the best fishing is known to be found. A qualified charter guide will help you make the most of his experience and avoid the pitfalls an inexperienced person might make when fishing for the first time in the ocean waters of Nosara. Understanding things like, not only where the best fishing is, but also how currents and weather affect fish is another great advantage of hiring a guided charter.

Wear the right gear

Of course, it is vital to use the right fishing gear for your ocean trip. You’ll want to have enough sunscreen and a good pair (or two) of sunglasses on board to protect yourself best fishing charters in costa rica. Next, you need the right fishing rods and bait. You need special deep sea fishing equipment that includes a heavier weight line that will not break while collecting your award winning marlin. Don’t worry if you can’t bring all of your fishing gear on the plane, as there are many small places to rent gear in the city.

Fishing holidays

Traveling to Nosara, Costa Rica specifically for a fishing vacation is a great way to escape the daily pressures of life and really enjoy some great fishing in a peaceful environment. The ocean views are fantastic as Nosara, Costa Rica is so underdeveloped right now. It is likely to remain that way for quite some time due to the Ostional Wildlife Refuge that was created to protect the large number of Kemp’s ridley turtles that nest there. This is also a great place to really stop and appreciate nature in its intended format. The next time you’re planning a fishing vacation, you really should consider Nosara, Costa Rica.