Find Out Does A Sinus Infection Need Antibiotics Therapy


Antibiotics can help you to get cured from an infection fastly. But still, this is not a practice which is recommended by the people of the health sector. Most doctors come up with antibiotic therapy only when all other management options fail. Sinus infection is a common issue in areas where a cold temperature is present.

People with this infection often want to understand does a sinus infection need antibiotics therapy. In most cases, the sinus infection will be of very mild intensity. These cases don’t need the use of any kind of antibiotic regimen. They will become fine after a certain span of time. If needed, the patients can take some otc drugs to deal with any interfering symptoms.

Seeking antibiotic therapy when not required will induce a variety of harmful effects. So, don’t opt for this treatment if your condition is mild or moderate. Your doctor will understand the severity of your sinus infection and will suggest an antibiotic only if necessary.

Does a sinus infection need antibiotics therapy to get cured?

The answer to this question related to sinus infection is definitely a big NO. You don’t have to run after antibiotic therapy every time you get a sinus infection. If you are feeling the signs and symptoms of a sinus infection, then you have to get the condition examined by a healthcare provider. In every illness, confirming the diagnosis properly is very crucial. Along with the understanding of the condition, its severity level will also be determined by the doctor. Then, starts the treatment process of the concerned illness.

Once your doctor gets a clear knowledge of the severity of your sinus infection, he will decide if  you require antibiotic therapy or not. If yes, then you will be asked to complete the full course of a given antibiotic. But, if you have a mild level of sinus infection, then you do not have to undergo antibiotic therapy. In such cases, the doctor will never ask you to take any antibiotics.

Most of the sinus infection cases will become okay without the use of any antibiotic medicines.You just have to give some time to your body to control the ongoing infection. You have to understand that if your case doesn’t need the use of any antibiotics, then taking them will not give you any help. Instead, such careless actions can produce a variety of harmful reactions in the body. These include concerns like, skin rashes, gastric problems, antibiotic-resistance, diarrhea, etc.

Doctor’s take on sinus infection

We have looked at the question – does a sinus infection need antibiotics therapy thoroughly. As we saw, all cases of sinus infection don’t need the intake of antibiotic medicines. Now, let’s learn the common perspectives of doctors when dealing with sinus infections and other similar health conditions. If the doctor determines that the patient is suffering from the infection the sinus, then he will adopt two techniques to combat the ongoing infection. First way of managing the sinus infection is close monitoring and waiting. Second technique is not prescribing medicines immediately. Let’s discover how these techniques work when dealing with the infection.

1. Close Monitoring and Waiting

The first thing that your doctor will do is to suggest that you wait for some more time. Waiting for 2 or 3 days will be better. During this phase, you will also have to monitor your symptoms and signs correctly. This is carried out to see if the condition requires the use of any antibiotics or not. If the signs are not getting better, then your doctor will think about antibiotic medications. But, if there is any kind of improvement in the infection symptoms, then you will have to give it some more amount of time for full healing.

2. Not Prescribing immediately

The sinus infection patients might be prescribed an antibiotic when they give their doctor a visit for the first time. But, these patients will always be asked to put the prescribed medication on hold during the waiting phase of two to three days. Cases showing symptom improvement can drop the idea of starting an antibiotic course. Those with no evident improvements can get the prescribed antibiotics from their local pharmacy.

How to help your body to get better?

Now that we learned does a sinus infection need antibiotics therapy, let’s read about some ways by which you can help your body to heal.

  1. Sinus infection patients should try taking the assistance of a saline nasal spray solution. A variety of decongestant medications are also available to get relief from the sinus infection signs.
  1. When you suffer from the infection of the sinus, you tend to feel immense amounts of pressure in the sinus cavity. This can give the sinus patients a headache of high intensity. The solution for relieving this sinus pressure is putting a warm compress over the area of your forehead and nose. This will lower the degree of sinus pressure that you are feeling.
  1. Another effective approach for curbing sinus infection is using steam. You have to take some quantity of water in a bowl and heat it. Once you get sufficient steam, you have to try to inhale this steam. This will help in getting rid of some sinus pressure. Taking a hot shower can also do the same work.


We have discussed does a sinus infection need antibiotics therapy for management. The requirement for an antibiotic course will depend on the severity of the ongoing infection of the sinus. Firstly, you have to wait for 2 or 3 days prior to taking an antibiotic medicine. By doing this, you are actually giving your body and immune system the chance to fight off the sinus infection. No improvements during the 2-3 days waiting phase means that the immune system was not able to curb the infection. So, antibiotics need to be put to use. In that case, you have to take the antibiotic medication correctly and finish it’s whole course.