Fidelcrest Review: Frequently Asked Questions FAQ


Fidelcrest is it real?

Despite the difficulty in locating any information about Fidelcrest’s management, the business is legitimate. Fidelcrest Ltd, which has its corporate headquarters in Nicosia, Cyprus, is the company that owns and runs it. Since its inception in 2018, Fidelcrest’s operations haven’t caused any significant concern.

Fidelcrest’s mode of operations?

The business provides sponsored trader programmes that have three steps, including a trading challenge, a sponsored verification process, and the opening of a professional account. Make sure to follow the guidelines and instructions at each stage. If you are successful, funding will be provided with a 70% or 80% profit sharing arrangement. But before it read the fidelcrest review.

Who ought to register with Fidelcrest?

One of the only reputed prop organizations that will provide you the chance to trade with a $1 million accounts right away after completing your two-step evaluation is Fidelcrest.

On the other end of the spectrum, Fidelcrest offers a most affordable $10K account in the business if that’s too much money for you right now. There are enough possibilities in between that you’re sure to locate the ideal account.

And more crypto pairs are available to trade with than any other prop firm if you’re a trader in cryptocurrencies.

Fidelcrest’s current deal, which offers two accounts for the cost of one or the Fast Track option for some accounts, which eliminates the minimum trading period limit, should be taken advantage of by beginners and bargain hunters alike.

Fidelcrest has the greatest profit-sharing plans and can start you trading real money with a funded account as quickly as anybody else in the sector.

Who is NOT a candidate to join Fidelcrest?

You are aware of your trading style. You can succeed in the Trading Challenge but fail the Verification Stage if you depend on a small number of pivotal trades to meet your profit goals. The Verification Stage rewards cautious investors who can consistently book profits due to stricter trading parameters.

Find a company with more flexible trading rules if your trading style does not fit within the Verification Stage’s 5–10% maximum loss restrictions or if you lack confidence in your risk management abilities. In other words, Fidelcrest is unlikely to lend you any of their money if you take undue risks with their own.

Fidelcrest’s mode of operation

Like other forex prop firms, Fidelcrest operates similarly. You can try out for a funded account from Fidelcrest, which might provide you up to $1 million in trading capital, by paying a charge. You will divide your earnings with Fidelcrest, keeping 80% or 90% for yourself. If you lose money, Fidelcrest will settle your bill but is unlikely to keep you on staff.

You can begin the Trade Challenge by selecting an account size, paying the one-time cost, and starting the challenge. If your trading goals are achieved, you will go on to the verification process. You will receive a check for a portion of your gains and be a Fidelcrest Funded Trader if you successfully complete the Verification Stage.

You’ll get the capital you selected while choosing an account size as a Fidelcrest Funded Trader. Once you complete a few profitable trades, you’ll get your first profit split. If you keep succeeding, one day you’ll be putting money down on a yacht.

What is the price of Fidelcrest?

There are no ongoing fees because Fidelcrest just requires a one-time setup fee.

Does Fidelcrest provide specials or reduced rates?

Yes, some of the top business promos. You can currently decide which offer you want to utilise. You have the option to choose the Fast Track or two accounts for the price of one when you join up.

The Fast Track entirely waives the minimum trading day restriction and is only accessible for Micro Aggressive Accounts. Even if you achieve the minimum profit target on your first day, you move on.

For the two-for-one offer, you have the option of delaying and using your free account when (if) you receive your funded account or taking it right away and using it as an additional challenge account. You will receive twice the amount of funds you committed to if you choose the latter. Traders with experience will generally choose to invest twice as much money.

Whichever promotion you select, you’ll get a lot for your money.

The Fidelcrest Trading Challenge is what, exactly?

The first test in the two-part evaluation procedure where you must pass becoming a funded trader is the Fidelcrest Trading Challenge. It is extremely comparable to the difficulties presented by other prop companies.

You must achieve your profit goals while staying above the daily and total maximum loss limits to pass. If you go over your maximum loss, you’ve failed the challenge and must start over, either with a new challenge account you buy or, if you took advantage of the promotion, with a second account.

You advance to the verification part of your evaluation, which, with me on this, has stricter trading parameters, if you complete the Trading Challenge portion of your review.