Features Of The Applicant Tracking System


More features in applicant tracking systems help organise the whole hiring procedure. To move around and present your CV – you must be familiar with several. You should be aware that not all ATS systems get made equal because many HR managers use ats for their varied organisations. 

Top firms employ sophisticated ats platforms to draw in applicants with standout applications. It’s imperative to be familiar with at least a few of the essential features of applicant tracking systems.

Excellent ATS Features

The following are the top applicant tracking system features that every applicant tracking system should have:

Career Website with Customization

One of the first places you have to advertise your organisation to potential prospects is on your career website. Make sure you can alter the appearance and impressions of your career website with the help of your applicant tracking system. Additionally, it must function equally well on mobile devices and desktop computers.

Convenient application procedures and mobile capabilities

The process for applying to you shouldn’t need the candidates to pass through any hurdles. Ensure the candidates may provide you their information – however, they like: 

Posting their CV, applying without difficulty through LinkedIn, or even sending a photo of their resume.

Program for Employee Referrals

Referrals are unquestionably one of the best and most reliable sources for hiring. Creating a seamless and easy recommendation program for all your staff is part of your applicant tracking system. Using a well-established referral scheme, staff members can quickly let their contacts know where to seek openings at your organisation.

Manager Collaboration Tools for Hiring

Tools for hiring collaboration keep everyone informed by enabling multiple internal parties to examine the status of candidates. Automatic application evaluation and onboarding time forecasting are features of intelligent software. With the help of the highly comprehensive ATS tracking features, you may nimbly schedule interviews.

Complete Integrations of the Hiring Process

Your applicant tracking system is typically just one step in the hiring and recruitment work. You must ensure that your software connects your hiring data to the rest of your recruiting ecosystem, from background checks to HRIS. Built-in and programmable integrations reduce pointless data entry activities and reorganise your workflow, enhancing the hiring process.

Dashboards and Analytics

One of the vital functions of your applicant tracking software must be making sure that your analytics are simple and easy to configure. Your recruitment software must allow you to make these adjustments, even if you start with pre-built report templates or tailor your metrics for a particular need. 

Dashboards that display your current – important metrics and help you keep an eye on trends like time to hire and other barriers are additional aesthetic benefits. Utilise dashboards to quickly and easily visualise metrics so you can filter candidates and avoid recruiting delays.

Integrated Text Recruiting

Although it might not seem like a frequent technique, text recruiting exists. But given that SMS recruiting has received more than 90% response from candidates, it’s a trend that all recruiters and HR specialists should embrace right now. An advantage to constantly keep in mind is the ability to text applicants during the hiring process through your applicant tracking system and the capability to save and manage transcripts.