Facts Behind – Installing the Large Tiles in Swimming Pools

Large Wall Tiles

Swimming pools are a norm in the Western world. In the US alone there are about 10.4 million residential pools. Meaning in-home swimming pools and about 3 hundred thousand public swimming pools. Pools are great, especially during the summers!

Pools have various benefits including health benefits like shaping the muscles of your body, for increasing stamina or you could just enjoy a relaxing day with your friends and loved ones. However, some people may think owning a pool is as easy as refilling it with water when it evaporates but, it’s quite more complex than that. You see there’s quite a lot, for example, chlorine for the water, the pumps for water then tiles.

Tiles are essentially the most important thing for a pool. They of course keep the pool walls and floor softer than bare concrete. Walking on concrete isn’t a good feeling that’s where tiles come in. Though it’s not all they are used for. Tiles give a good look to the pool most commonly light blue. But their most important job is to keep the water from leaking onto the concrete. You see concrete has poured and if the water sits on it for long then it can seep in, crack and, damage the foundation of the pool which will cost you money to fix it.

Tiles Especially Made For Swimming Pools

Large wall tiles are definitely made for swimming pools. Tiles for swimming pools are specially made to withstand the change in temperatures, aquatic environment, chemicals to keep the water clean which may or may not damage the tiles. So in short they are a lot more durable than your average kitchen tiles etc. While getting tiles for your pool you also have to make sure that they’re anti-slip so you obviously don’t slip and drown in your own pool.

Good Looking

You should know tiles look good on pools making them look good and clean. These also are easier to clean than concrete as per se. For concrete, however, the water may damage the concrete

It is a bit of an investment but it’s an investment that Is worth every money because it saves you from problems that may occur without them.

Why Large Tiles?

Large wall tiles are installed mainly because they are easy. And if let’s say one was to crack or break it would be easier to replace a large tile in one go rather than smaller tiles(aligning smaller tiles can take a long time and effort). It can be cheaper as well depending on where you get them from.


Some people may go for cheaper options (instead of tiles) for their pool like coating it with liquid rubber which dries up and is water-resistant but it isn’t made to be in the water for all its life. As much as it is water-resistant it’s only water-resistant but not waterproof. It will get damaged and eventually you will have to get tiles for your pool which will look better and feel better too when you step on them.

Summer is just around the corner, why not have that pool built to beat that heat!

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