Factors to Look When Buying a Chain Block

Chain Block

Chain block involves a method used to raise or lower loads which are heavy in a ease way. It’s gear aims at lifting objects which are attached to the hook. It aims at using little force to lift large and heavy loads .

Chain block have been used widely in the construction sites due to their ability to easily lift loads to and from higher level in the construction site. Chain Block are available at different sizes and varieties suitable for wide operation.

Here are essential factors to look when buying a chain block.

Appropriate capacity

Chain block come with various capacity ranging from 0.5 to 30 tonne .  Before choosing the appropriate capacity one should know the maximum weight required to move safely the manufacturing unit . One must specify the requirements to get the best solution for you.

Suitable mounting

You can choose either a fixed fastened or a trolley fastened chain fall. Trolley fastened chain falls are essential when one wishes to transfer the load on crossbeams while hook mounted chain block are useful if the slabs remain unchanged in a specific position for a long period.

Choose a load chain block made up of alloy steel

The most crucial point you need to consider when purchasing a chain fall is that the load chain is not physically welded because physical welding will result to a higher possibility of non-performance.  

Warranty period

This factor is essential when you buy a chain block  so that you earn a profit after a long run. When buying a product with a guarantee it enables you to get the best in industrial quality standards. When selecting chain block price in Kenya one should check the warranty terms and periods of the product before buying.

Spare parts that can be altered

It is important to know whether the chain block standards parts are interchangeable without spending a lot money especially when it comes to issues of wear and tear . Presence of interchangeable parts enables you to handle repair in an easily way and ensure  normal functioning of the chain block properly.  Having such interchangeable spare parts one will have an advantage in a way it can repair easily at any point in time.


  One should consider  the place the chain block will be used whether it is a hot condition or cold condition. Low temperature can cause components to stop functioning while  high temperature can lead to gearbox leakage. This factor determines how long the chain block will last and and it performance.

Lifting distance

When buying a chain block one should choose an option for the appropriate height of lift. This is important in a way that it enables one to avoid the cost of replacement when you realize that the size you bought was unsuitable. 


Being of factors necessary to consider when buying a chain block one is able to make an informed decision before buying a chain block.