Factors to keep in mind when buying a home in Sydney


The most significant monthly price gain in 17 years dispels fears of a Covid-induced collapse in the Australian property market. In February, the value of all Australian homes increased by 2.1%, the most since August 2003. With Sydney and Melbourne leading the way, capital city prices rose by 2%. Low mortgage rates, improved economic conditions, and government incentives have fueled Australia’s rapid rise. But the competition for purchasing houses in Sydney is fierce, with purchasers willing to go to great lengths to get a property. However, what should you check for when buying an older house to ensure that your investment is worthwhile? It’s important to consider factors like location, facilities, and the presence of asbestos. When you’ve fallen head over heels for an older home, what do you do next? If you’ve already purchased it, what are the options, and should you consider Asbestos Removal Sydney?

Check for asbestos

When asbestos is blended with other substances, such as cement or plastic, tiny asbestos fibres can wind up in household products. Small asbestos fibres resembling frayed fabric can be seen when these substances are damaged. The presence of fibres on a product does not necessarily indicate that it contains asbestos. Asbestos can only be detected by testing. One must send samples for testing because it’s impossible to identify asbestos simply by looking at it. You must hire an asbestos professional to gather samples and evaluate them instead of doing it yourself. To hire a professional in your area, perform an internet search for asbestos removal in Sydney.


There are a considerable number of factors to think of when purchasing a house, but its location is one of the most important. Living in such a place will be a misery due to noise and air pollution factors. It’s great to be right near a school, although the traffic can be a bit much on weekdays. During rush hour, you may find that getting into the street from your driveway is nearly impossible. You and your family must see the house you’re considering at various hours of the day and during weekends so that you can get a sense of how life would be if you lived there.

Good home orientation

Public and private areas are equally important in a well-designed home. They rely on ambient light and is sensitive to wind direction. A growing family can benefit from a home with an excellent vantage point. These are homes where you and your family will be able to live out the rest of your lives. Even your grandchildren will be able to remain there in the future. This implies that the areas aren’t set in stone and can have a different purpose. Additional guest rooms can be created in the gym room. The property can be further improved in the future. Another quality to look for in a home is a seamless transition from the interior to the exterior. It’s easy to create a smooth transition between the outside and inside of your home by matching architectural features and colour schemes.

Purchasing a home is like attempting to cross a minefield. However, it may be a completely enjoyable and stress-free experience with proper representation by a professional who knows the market inside and out. The property market in Sydney is ranked as the second most expensive globally. So if you’re looking to purchase a house in this competitive market, you’ll need the help of a real estate specialist.