Factors to Consider Before Purchasing Cabro Cutting Machine


Cabros are concrete paving used on car parks, road carriage way surfaces, tented shelters, and landscaped compounds. The strength of the block depends on its thickness, mostly ranging from 50mm, 80mm, and 100mm.

Nowadays cabro cutting machines have become more common due to an increase in demand for cabros. Today there are a large number of cabro cutting machine manufacturers offering high-quality machines for making cabros. There are two types of cabro cutting machine: manual and electric hence it is important to know which one suits you.

Purchase of equipment and machines are the most common tasks in the manufacturing business. After purchasing a machine it’s really hard to change them frequently. This article focuses on eight factors to consider before purchasing a cabro cutting machine.

1. Production Output

This is one of the factors you should consider when purchasing a machine for a business. A perfect machine has a good price, maximum production, and fewer utility requirements. The best manual cabro machine should make five bricks per single production depending on the mold.

2. Price

Cabro cutting machine price varies according to the quality and type. Search for the best cabro machine before looking at the price tag. Know that cabro cutting machines are designed for different purposes and you should choose the right one that will serve you best.

3. Space Requirement

You should always know how much space the machine requires for operation and installation before purchase. In most cases, you will need to provide extra space for machine operation after the installation process. This will help you to know whether you can provide additional space or not.

4. Warranty

Before purchasing a cabro cutting machine make sure you get the maximum warranty for the machine. Warranties can range from 2yrs to 5yrs or more. A cabro cutter that comes with a long warranty period is more expensive compared to others. In addition, you can check which parts come with a warranty.

5. Type

There are different types of cabro cutting machines. You should know which type you prefer, whether manual or electric. First, know your budget because electronic cabro machines are a bit more expensive compared with manual ones.

6. Ease of Use

There is complexity in using a cabro cutting machine. Users find it difficult to operate as it requires some skills and knowledge in cutting cabro of various sizes and shapes. Many people are not literate and this leads to frustration as learning how to use cabro machines is a big problem for them.

7. Dealer

Always know your dealer. Take time and look for different dealers before purchasing a machine. One way to identify a good and reliable dealer is if you have a question he/she is always there ready to assist you. If he doesn’t have answers to the questions he/she will research and get back to you later. In addition, now after-service purchase is offered by the dealers.

8. Technology

Adopt technology as it is an important thing on your side. If you have any equipment with the latest technology it will improve and enhance the performance of your overall business. This type of machine will ease the work and reduce the time required to complete the work or projects.

Choosing the right equipment is the best decision you can make in life. The factors discussed in the article above will assist when purchasing a cabro cutting machine.