Explaining Military Challenge Coins

Explaining Military Challenge Coins

Did you know there are currently 1,366,657 active duty service members in the United States military? If you’re an active duty service member or a veteran, you’ve likely heard of military challenge coins.

But, if you’re a new or a family member, you might not be familiar with them. That’s why we made this guide. In it, we’ll be explaining challenge coins and the traditions that accompany them.

That way you can get a better understanding of this important military tradition. Let’s dive in!

What Are Military Challenge Coins?

A challenge coin is a special type of coin that’s given to represent membership in a certain branch of the military. These military challenge coins are also referred to as medallions.

They can be displayed on uniforms next to ribbons and patches, but they’re also small enough to easily fit into pockets. There are different challenge coins for each branch of the military.

Some might be used to celebrate the US Coast Guard while others might be for members of the Air Force. Certain challenge coins can also be used to honor the achievements of a specific person or group.

What Does a Military Challenge Coin Represent?

A military challenge coin is more than just a piece of metal for the people that carry them. They’re a symbol that represents each member’s dedication to their specific branch of the Armed Forces.

For many service members, these coins also represent a bond between themselves and the other people who carry them. This sense of fraternity between the people who served together is something that just can’t be bought.

That’s why they typically hold important sentimental value for the people who carry them.

What Is the Challenge In a Military Challenge Coin?

You’re likely wondering what the challenge part of a challenge coin means. It refers to a bonding activity that takes place at a bar or pub when at least several service members are present.

To begin, one person in the group will yell, “coin check”. Once this challenge is presented each present member needs to slap down their coin on the table. It’s important to do this as quickly as possible.

Why? Because the slowest person that puts their challenge coin down last needs to buy a round of drinks for everyone present.

These challenges can be a lot of fun, but it’s important etiquette to make sure that everyone present knows the rules of the game.

Appreciate Learning About Challenge Coins? Keep Exploring

We hope this article helped you learn more about military challenge coins. As you can see, challenge coins are more than just a metal piece of currency.

They’re symbolic pieces that represent a commitment to the armed forces. They’re also a bond that ties service members, old and new, together.

Appreciate learning about this important piece of American history? If so, then keep exploring our website for dozens of similar topics.