Exceptional orthodontic care in El Dorado hills


Do you feel embarrassed to smile big? Don’t feel bad about your teeth, and visit any orthodontist in El Dorado Hills to get the best solution. Orthodontic treatments can benefit anyone who receives them. This treatment is performed due to various orthodontic issues such as tooth crowding, crossbites, spacing, improper bites, impacted teeth, and inappropriate tooth eruption. As a result, orthodontics focuses on resolving these issues and improving a person’s broad smile. The orthodontic treatment is available for both children and adults, but the type might be different. Here are the types of orthodontic treatment:


El Dorado Hills is a town in California, and it has the first U.S. transcontinental highway. Braces are the first type of orthodontic treatment, and this treatment lasts for a long period. Compared to the traditional period, numerous developments have been made in this treatment and are now highly modernized. Unlike other methods, this braces treatment can be either fixed or removable. Under this treatment, there are different types: metal braces, which are also known as traditional braces, lingual braces, and self-Ligating braces.


One of the most recent options is Invisalign. The patient wears a series of custom plastic trays for two weeks that gradually shift the teeth into the desired position. The aligners are virtually invisible and more comfortable to wear with no metal parts to rub against the gums or inside the mouth. Patients must remove their aligners before eating and brushing/flossing their teeth. Because the Invisalign retainers are removed for eating and cleaning, the patient does not need to change their diet.


A retainer is another type of orthodontic treatment typically used during the final stages of treatment. This treatment holds the teeth in place when used in conjunction while the gums and bones are relocated. If you wear a retainer consistently for the better part of your life, you can permanently straighten your teeth. At least wear it full-time for a minimum of 6 months for a better result. There are two kinds of retainers, and the Orthodontist in El Dorado Hillswill suggest either a removable retainer or a fixed retainer. It can be removed during your bedtimes, and when not in use, removable retainers have to be stored in the orthodontist’s case.


This treatment is used to correct the positioning of the back teeth while also treating the front teeth. Furthermore, you can only wear it at night and in the evenings because you can’t do anything else while wearing headgear. Your front teeth may protrude if you do not wear the headgear as directed by the orthodontist. One more important orthodontic treatment is a surgery used to reposition either or both jaws in patients with a large size difference between their jaws.

Bottom line: 

Never give up your smile for anyone, and always try to find the best way to bring the best smile to your face. Finally, these are the lists of types of orthodontic treatment and when an orthodontic treatment result can be achieved in a year with certain conditions, such as maintaining good oral health and eating a healthy diet.