Everything You Need for Video Production, Summarized

Everything You Need for Video Production, Summarized

Nearly 70% of shoppers prefer video content over text when learning about products and services. In fact, adding a video to a landing page could increase conversions by 86%.

Unfortunately, over 60% of marketers think video content is the most difficult type of content to create. You might find it difficult too if you lack the right video production equipment.

Here are five pieces of equipment you need to add to your production checklist. Gathering this equipment can help you plan a successful movie production. Then, you can start rolling to improve your marketing strategy.

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1. Video Camera and Tripod

Your video camera can set the tone for the rest of the video production equipment you’ll need.

First, determine if you want to use your smartphone, a mirrorless camera, or a DSLR camera. When making this decision, consider your budget first. Determine how much you want to spend before you start shopping.

Determine if your videos will include audio, too. Some cameras have built-in audio options, while others require an external source.

Once you find your camera, make sure you select a tripod as well. A tripod will steady the camera and ensure smoother transitions. 

2. Lighting

About 90% of customers rely on videos to decide whether to make a purchase. Meanwhile, videos get shared 12 times more than texts and photos combined. In fact, 55% of online viewers watch videos daily.

If your videos aren’t well lit, however, no one will watch them. 

Consider choosing a videography studio lighting kit. A light reflector to improve the quality of your videos, too. 

3. Microphone

The right microphone will ensure you capture the audio you need. There are different types to consider, including:

  • Wireless microphones
  • Boom poles
  • Handheld microphones
  • Lapel microphones
  • Shotgun microphones
  • Portable digital 

Choose which microphone you need based on your video production plans. 

Grabbing the right gear will help you focus on getting the right shot. You can find the gear you need at reelmen.com.

4. Audio Cables and Headphones

As you work through this production checklist, make sure to consider every stage of your production. You’ll need audio cables to connect the mic to the camera. 

You can choose between HDMI, USB, XLR, or MIDI cables.

Grab a pair of headphones, too. You’ll have an easier time editing sounds and compiling clips once you’re done rolling. 

5. Editing Software

Remember, every stage of your movie production matters. Once you’ve captured your footage, you’ll need good editing software. Make sure you have a computer to store your videos and data, too.

When choosing software, consider the price and features. 

Look for software that has good built-in customer support as well. 

Video Production Equipment: 5 Tools You Need to Start Rolling

Gathering the right video production equipment can set your next video project up for success. Make sure to review this production checklist before you start shopping. Then, get ready to start rolling!

Create professional marketing videos using this movie production equipment today.

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