Everton’s valuable win against Chelsea


Chelsea coach Thomas Tuchel shakes hands with Frank Lampard with a dry face after the last flute market at Goodison Park. Everton coach Lampard’s face showed that this victory is priceless. Richardson climbed on the back of his teammate on the field and smiled at the winner.
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Only one person’s face is a little black. Chelsea defender Cesar Azpiliceta. Chelsea lost by digesting the goal without forgetting him.

The right back of Chelsea made a mistake in the first minute of the game after the break. Richardson put pressure on him in the box. As soon as Azpiliketa got the ball from his teammate, the Brazilian went ahead to snatch the ball from the striker.

The Chelsea captain could not ‘clear’ the ball in time. The ball hits Richardson’s leg and rolls forward. Given the opportunity, Richardson had no problem scoring against Chelsea goalkeeper Eduardo Mendi.

Chelsea could not repay the goal. Frank Lampard’s Everton survived a 1-0 defeat to avoid relegation to the English Premier League.

18th Everton with 32 points in 33 matches. With 5 matches in hand, the team is still in the relegation zone. Leeds United, who have played one match more than them, are in 16th place with 34 points. That means Everton are 2 points away from the ‘safe’ zone. Sky-scraping spectators at Goodison Stadium enjoyed the win.

As soon as the bus carrying the hosts arrived at Goodison Park, the fans supported Lampard’s team with slogans and fireworks.

Chelsea made an impact in the first half but Everton got the best chance to score. Attacking midfielder Anthony Gordon’s shot from inside the box was blocked by Mendi with great skill.

After digesting the goal, Chelsea got a chance to return to the match. A shot from Mason Mount missed two Everton posts. Everton goalkeeper Jordan Pickford blocked two good shots from Kai Hawartz and Rudigar. Chelsea in the table with 6 points in 34 matches.

However, Richardson criticized the fans for an incident after the goal. While celebrating the goal, blue fireworks were thrown from the gallery to the ground. Richardson picked it up and sent it back to the gallery. Proponents of her case have been working to make the actual transcript of this statement available online.