Everest Base Camp Trek Preparation

Everest Base Camp Trek preparation

Everest base camp trek is one of the deserving treks in Nepal. You cannot attempt to base camp until you do proper preparation. Even the experienced hikers need to prepare Everest base camp trek. This article includes the best method of preparation for EBC trek.

  1. Regular fitness exercise

Preparation should begin before three months of trekking. You should do regular fitness exercises like swimming, pushups, Lunges, squats regularly for preventing body pain during the trek.

  • Walking

We should practice walking for 2,3 hours a day before 2 months of trekking. Our body should be prepared in such a way that we can easily walk 5,6 hours a day during the trek. If possible, we can do short hiking in hills and mountains to know about the mountain trial, its uphills and downhills.

  • Cycling or swimming

Cycling and swimming makes your muscles stronger and prevent twisting of your muscles during the trek. If you don’t have enough time for long walk then you can practice around an hour cycling or swimming to make your body strong.

  • Medicle checkup

Before planning for Everest base camp trek, you should do your medical checkup to know the body condition. You should be physically and mentally fit for Everest base camp trek.

5. Hiking in mountains

    If you want to do EBC trek successfully, experience is essential. Doing hiking or short mountain trekking gives you experience of trekking. Experience is recommended for any trek in Everest region. More the experience easier will be the trek.

6. Clothing

You should always choose warm and comfortable clothing for trekking in mountains. Depending on your trekking duration, you should pack enough and some extra clothing for a trek. Sometime rain cover may wet your dresses, sweating also makes you changing dress, So always carry 1,3 pair extra clothing.

7. Booking tea houses

Trekking without booking tea houses may be difficult in peak season.  You cannot get room if you don’t plan or book tea houses earlier. It is always best to choose recommended travel company and book the trek so that they will manage all the requirements like permits, flight ticket and accommodation for your trekking.

Conclusion of preparing for Everest Base camp trek

Everest base camp trek preparation includes regular exercise, walking, cycling and hiking before three months of trek for external body. You should do medical checkup and do essential medication to Make your body mentally and physically fit. You can also include meditation and yoga for fitness and to be healthy for trekking.