Enhance the facial features with Chin Implant


Who does not like to be seen as beautiful? Everyone wants to look perfect and for that, they try different methods so that they look perfect. When it comes to beauty, people mostly take it as how their face looks. Even though everyone looks beautiful the way they are, sometimes they may want to try to improve their facial structure by various means such as lip implants, Chin Implant, neck lifts, brow lifts, and many other things. Most of these methods are surgical and are performed by professionals who are experienced in the field.

What is chin enhancement surgery

  • A well-defined jawline structure is an important part of having a balanced attractive face. The jawline of the face is highly affected by the positioning of the chin. If the chin is low set on the face it may give an elongated face and the jawline may not be sharp enough and look extended, so people may get their chin lifted so that they can get a proper jawline.
  • Chin enhancement surgery, also known as genioplasty, is often opted by people to improve the contour of the chin, neck, and jaw. For this, a Implante de mentón is placed around the chin of the patient surgically to augment the shape and size of the chin and balance out the other facial features of the face so even after the surgery there is a natural balance between all the features of the face.

Why go for chin enhancement surgery

In most cases, people are quite comfortable with their facial features. But there are many cases in which a person can go for this surgery. Some of the reasons are as follows:

  • Some people may have a weak chin because of which the facial features may lack proportion. Getting this surgery may help the person to get a more proportional face which not only gives a good look to the person but also gives them.
  • People may also get this surgery to improve the contour of the chin, neck, and jaw so that the facial features line up with the chin well and have a better proportion with the chin to have a more natural attractiveness to the face.
  • Some people may have a double chin. This surgery is one of the options that people can go for if they want to get rid of the double chin. The fat cells under the chin are removed and an implant is fitted to give the chin a more pronounced appearance.

Different options to choose from

When getting a chin enhancement surgery, there are some options given to the patient to choose from to get a more enhanced result. Some options that the people can choose are as follows:

  • One option that people can choose is to go for rhinoplasty along with getting an implant for the chin. In this, the nose is reshaped along with the chin augmentation which produces enhanced results giving the face a very nice overall shape and symmetry on the midline of the shape. A sharp facial feature is observed after this surgery.
  • Another option that the patient can choose is to get an implant for the chin along with neck liposuction. In this surgery after the implant is fitted under the chin, the excess fullness below the chin is present in the neck region. This is done to have a proper shape from the chin to the neck which helps in the better appearance of the lower face and neck.

These are some of the things that people can look into before going for a chin enhancement surgery .