A packaging line maker has launched a revolutionary financing technique

End of line packaging automation

In order to finance packaging line machinery End of line packaging automation, packager and integrator Foodmach has devised an innovative way of financing.

Foodmach FLEX enables manufacturers End of line packaging automation to pay simply for output. Rather than for the equipment they use to produce it.

This means that the new owner will be responsible for the costs of maintenance, service, and replacement parts and accessories. FLEX is a Machine-as-a-Service paradigm, which means that the user only pays for the results that they desire

Examples of equipment that FMCG producers do not want to purchase include a case packer, filler, and stretch wrapping machine. They require a case that has been pack. A bottle that has been fill, or a pallet that has been wrap. The concept of’machine as a service’ enables FMCG firms to purchase only what they require, which is inspect items.

It is most likely that manufacturers of office equipment, medical gadgets. And jet engines will make use of the MaaS financing method. The success of the project is dependent on the collecting of data. The emergence of Internet of Things technologies such as blockchain and cloud computing opens the door to new factory applications.

Earle Roberts, CEO of Foodmach, notes that a successful reporting system configuration necessitates. Previous knowledge in line integration and data gathering. Because of our controls team’s expertise in i4.0 factory integration, we are able to offer MaaS with confidence.

It is possible to obtain FLEX financing for Food Mach palletizers and depalletizes

As well as fillers, case packers, stretch wrappers, and guided trucks. A pre-determined set of performance targets and criteria are use to create the agreement. Which is store in a cloud-based, secure environment.

Third-party OEMs provide typical startup, training End of line packaging automation, and spare component packages together with the equipment. Custom-built equipment is also available. The initial investment is either insignificant or non-existing.

End of line packaging automation

The machine’s controls collect performance data and securely transmit it to the cloud via a distributed ledger technology called blockchain. The MaaS platform calculates and delivers an auditable and immutable financial record in accordance with the requirements of the contract. The payment execution process is completely data-driven.

According to Phil Biggs of Food Mach industradgroup, the end-user will sign into a manufacturing service agreement with. The company in order to improve machine dependability and maximise product production.

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