Eligibility and career opportunities of hotel management course in Lucknow


The hotel industry is one of the booming industries in India and also all over the world. It has earned distinction lately as a course of management. It sits at the foundation of the hospitality trade. A collection of services is provided to a guest right from the moment they check into a hotel until they leave the place. The task of a manager involves ensuring that things are pleasant, smooth, and efficient for the guests. The person has to be dynamic, friendly, and someone who can solve issues as and when they arise. A degree in hotel management course in Lucknow can equip you with these skills and even more. You must comprehend the cultures and norms of the place you work in.

Hotel Management involves the efficient management of the technology and the tourist, simultaneously. Running a hotel is not a simple task, since it comes with a wide variety of responsibilities. You need to be capable of adjusting to the new challenges by handling different departments and making sure that the place upholds the standard of quality. The structure of a hotel delivers an order to each aspect of hotel operation right from the front desk operation to the HR department. To manage a hotel, it is necessary to build an organizational structure. The organizational structure of a hotel includes human resources, food, and beverages, marketing, and accounting. The HR department is required to deal with training, recruitment, and benefits of employees while the accounting department manages the ledger. A hotel characterizes every job with great care after getting the organization structured.

Eligibility criteria

To qualify for a hotel management course in a hotel management institute in Lucknow you need to complete class X and class XII. You can opt for a degree or diploma course. The certificate diploma course can be around 6 months to 1-year duration, whilst a degree course will last around 3 years.

Government colleges choose students based on an entrance exam that is held in April every year. Private colleges have their entrance exams for hotel management students. To select aspirants, an aptitude test and a group discussion is conducted. You need to have good intrapersonal skills and communication skills to handle the group discussion with patience and have an impact on your clients in the future.

Career opportunities

When it comes to career opportunities after completing the course from the best hotel management institute in Lucknow, you have a wide range of choices with the increasing competition in the industry. The hotel industry has numerous departments like front office, operations, accounting, and food and beverages. You can take up a career and can grow in it.

Besides hotels, you can get jobs in other sectors too, like –

  • Cruise Ship management
  • Club Management
  • Forest lodges
  • Resorts and guest houses
  • Hospital administration and catering
  • Hospitality services in the Indian Navy
  • Catering department of armed forces, shipping companies, etc.


In the near future, the hotel industry is touted to become the most vital part of the hospitality industry. The requirement for hotel professionals has been rapidly increased. It is likely to grow more in India which is why numerous students are fascinated about the hotel management course in Lucknow these days.