How to Choose Perfect Eco-Friendly Gifts for Your Coworkers

Eco-Friendly Gifts

Being Strategic About How You Get Gifts For Coworkers

Ours isn’t the first culture where gift-giving goes from an expression of appreciation that has always been taken positively, to one where the wrong gift can end a friendship. In many East Asian cultures, gifts represent a commitment; a “quid-pro-quo”. A “something-for-something” type of situation.

That’s not quite the case today, but people are so used to living well, that they don’t appreciate some gifts owing to their understanding of how those gifts were made. At the following link, you’ll find gifts for female coworkers such as flowers that aren’t only just what they’re looking for, they tend to be friendly to the environment as well. That’s important to many ladies today.

It’s not only something important to ladies, either. For some people, it’s not just what the gift is, but where it comes from, that impacts their appreciation of the said gift. So with that in mind, we’ll explore a few ideas for buying eco-friendly gifts that will always be taken in the right light.

1. Half the Gift is the Story
Something as humble as a scarf can be a fine gift for coworkers if it has a good sustainability story behind it, and the coworker you’re giving it to is especially concerned with the environment. Most ecologically friendly options tend to be a little more expensive than items that are not friendly to the environment.

The story of their sustainable production helps the buyer feel as though the added cost is a bit of an investment. When you relate that story to your coworker, you transfer that environmental investment to them.

You did something good for the environment for their sake, so by proxy, they did something good for the environment. With that in mind, the ecologically friendly gift which has the best back story could be the most appreciated.

2. Try to Avoid Eco Gifts That Initiate a Chore
Some eco gifts have a fine story, but they require a large time investment from ecologically-focused coworkers. Accordingly, they may not appreciate those gifts when used as much as they seem to when they receive them. Generally, nobody likes a chore, but if you’re trying to save the environment, you’re already doing a lot of little things that are time-consuming.

Adding something else to the schedule isn’t likely to invite excitement. The recipient knows they’ve got some new thing they have to do every day now. So certainly, a water pitcher with a gravity filter to purify water is a good idea, but if the filter has to be changed every couple of weeks, those to whom you give such gifts will use them briefly, then forget about them.

3. Explore Different Kinds of Eco-Friendly Gifts
Be creative. Don’t just get plants or things that have a low carbon footprint. Branch out into items that are a little off the beaten path.

For example, portable mini solar panels are available for like $43; check the “budget” section of this article. Such panels can charge a smartphone or similar device. There are many eco-friendly gifts that might also be featured items in magazines like “the sharper image”. Eco-friendliness need not mean “niche” without style or popularity. Read about wpit18 sabong and

Gifts Friends and the Environment Will Love
Explore a variety of different eco-friendly gifts. Try to avoid those gifts that are going to add a chore to the daily routine of the recipient. Finally, be sure to communicate the full story behind the gift to impart its total value to your coworker.