Earrings That Go Up The Ear


Ear climbers are one of the hottest trends in the jewelry world. This cool and stylish way to dress your ears gives you a multi-piercing look with a single piece of jewelry. Sometimes referred to as an ear creeper, it crawls to the other edges of the ear, starting at the lobe. Other synonyms include creepers and ear rinse. Consider them a hybrid: half shaved nails and half earmuffs! You position them the way you want a stud and then roll them so they rest against your lobe.

Only one hole is needed to use the earring climber. It’s a cool and fun look for almost everyone. Different styles will take you from the upper area to the center, from day to night. Are you daring or elegant? Choose from scroll design to rotating wing. Arrow or triangle shape. Wrinkled, split or oblique contour. Look for white gold, yellow gold, and rose gold versions. And two shades of precious metals! With and without gems. This architecture is for your ears!

This statement piece joins the trendy ear category with ear flaps and ear plugs. The cuff curves around the ear from the outside. You don’t need pierced ears to rock the bracelet. The over-ear jacket has a hem that wraps around the bottom to hug the lower part of the earlobe.

Ear climbers have made it easy to decorate your ears with something that you will love! Wear them as an eye-catching piece or in pairs like a traditional pair of earrings. Get to know them today and you will find that they are a must-have for your jeweler. Get on the trend of leveling up your jewelry game! The silhouette will have a lot of play.