Duct Cleaning- What is it & how to do it?


In a duct cleaning process you can clean your ducts with special tools and duct cleaners. You can also hire professionals to clean hard-to-reach places such as supply, intake, and return vents. Other important areas for duct cleaning are registers, grills, fans, the HVAC unit, and the furnace. By cleaning the ducts professionally, make your home a healthier living environment. So, clean your duct system every three to four years to get the best results and maintenance. Never neglect indoor air quality and try to eliminate all the contaminants and pollutants. As a result, we can ensure you the best Duct Cleaning in Melbourne based on your requirements and budget.

Why is it important?

Duct cleaning is important for good health and comfort. The dust enters your home through vents, holes, and furnaces and you may suffer from allergies or have breathing problems. With proper cleaning, you can improve airflow, remove smells and odors which came with cooking, pets, and even mold. You can check our blog titled The Difference Between DIY And Professional Duct Cleaning.

How to do duct cleaning?

  • Duct Inspections
    Hire a technician to inspect the duct that returns and supplies registers. With this homeowners can see then and now differences themselves. With the help of cameras, technicians inspect your duct system properly before starting the duct cleaning process. So, if technicians find any issue such as leaks, kinks, or any damage with the ducts they take the necessary steps to prevent the issue and any future leaks.
  • Negative Pressure Created
    Technicians always use a vacuum system. A high-efficiency air vacuum creates a negative pressure in your vents. Then the vacuum collect device’s hose is hooked to a duct. Later into the duct, the technician cut an access hole and sealed it. The supply registers are not open to maximize the negative pressure and clean each duct once they turn on the vacuum.
  • Agitate the dust
    In the process of duct cleaning technicians use the vacuuming process to clean your ducts. It’s not easy to move dust so they use various tools such as rotating brushes and air whipping. Technicians know the best method to clean side ducts and return vents. The dislodge settled the dust into the main lines so that vacuum easily sucked it.
  • Cleaning of the remainder
    While cleaning your duct and vents, technicians inspect your whole HVAC system such as the furnace, air blower motor, and drain pan. Technicians ensure that your rooms are cleaned and are not dustier when they enter them. Once the technician is done with their work you can take a walkthrough of their work.


If you notice that molds are growing in your home then it is important to clean your ducts. If you want to breathe easily then with duct cleaning remove all the dust, and allergens. When you have a clean furnace then it will run perfectly and also lasts longer. Call Residential Duct Cleaning company who have years of experience in cleaning residential and commercial properties.