Drug and Alcoholic Rehabilitation Center in India


Medicine and alcohol dependence is big problem in recent times to the world population.  Everyday we’re getting affected by youthful bright child to get addicted and ruin the family.

It not only devaluated the moral of the society but also creating felonious, unemployed to the youthful dynamic youth. In Mumbai figures of dependence case is reported in police station. We can watch Television, radio news are swamped with similar conditioning. There’s one NGO name Living free foundation in Mumbai.

Their charge is to deliver quality recuperation and extended acute medical care Website in a manner both regardful and reflective. Through high professional norms of recuperation and drug, multi correctional brigades insure that case’s complex health care requirements are addressed. Living Free Foundation strives for nonstop quality enhancement by supporting and developing services and programs sensitive to the requirements of cases.


To help other medicine addicts who have been hooked on medicines and to give them a better life. To assist them to pop out of this vicious cycle thru this foundation. We believe in changing the station of the addicts. Once he starts accepting his responsibilities the mending process is easier. Also the families are also brought in for redundant comforting. He adds, a stay then should relieve him of all his jones and make him a more positive person. He wants these medicine addicts to lead a normal life after recuperation. It should be a new morning.

It’s an immediate remedy for medicine addicts who need professional help, to help them to come to term with reality. We help them to find a purpose in life and dislocate them and to help parents and their family to attune the problem. After their discharge from recuperation center thee-addicts tries to erect their life together for a new morning, and some indeed find connubial bliss. Some of the men from middle have long gone out and helped every other addict easy out their acts. The toughest assignment handed to theses-addicts is frequently the product of experience.