Drink Up! 5 Types of Drinking Water and What They’re Good For

Drink Up! 5 Types of Drinking Water and What They're Good For

It’s true; humans are made up of sixty percent water. Replenishing the water, you lose through urine and sweat is essential for overall health and balance. 

Water plays a significant role in brain function and physical performance, to name a few. Even mild dehydration can affect the body on a mental and physical level. 

Are certain types of drinking water more beneficial than others? What types of water can do more harm than help? Keep reading! We’ll discuss the most common types of water on the market and help you choose the best water for your specific needs. 

Types of Drinking Water

How do we distinguish the types of drinking water on the market? It usually comes down to the location the water is taken from, how it’s filtered, and its composition. 

1. Tap Water

This is the type of water you’ll find in your tap and the drinking water fountain at school. Tap water is regulated and generally safe to drink, assuming there are no health warnings in your community.

If you need a cheaper water source than bottled water you can find on the shelves, tap water is a great source that’s readily available. 

2. Distilled Water

When drinking distilled water, you are essentially drinking the purest form of water. It removes the natural salts and minerals found in water. Many people speak to the taste of distilled water being much cleaner than its other counterparts. 

If you live in an area where you need to remove contaminants from your water before drinking it, search out the best water distiller you can and have it installed. This will ensure you’ll have clean water to drink. 

3. Mineral Water

Mineral water is from a mineral spring. Some consider this the best bottled water to drink because it contains minerals that can have health benefits. 

Mineral water can have a distinctive taste that some people don’t like. Try a bottle and see what you think for yourself!

4. Springwater

Many types of drinking water come from natural sources, like natural springs. Most consider spring water to be clean and free of toxins. 

Springwater can be a little pricey due to the claims it’s “bottled at the source.” Also, if it’s unfiltered, it can pose some health risks. 

5. Sparkling Water

If you go to a restaurant, they will typically ask if you’d like tap or sparkling water. Sparkling is essentially just water infused with carbon dioxide. 

Sparkling water doesn’t have any additional benefits and is usually more expensive than other types of bottled or tap water. 

Benefits of Drinking Water

Staying hydrated can help your overall brain function and physical performance while raising energy levels. Drinking water can also prevent headaches and treat them.  

The best water to drink for your health is whatever gets you drinking water! 

What Type of Water is in Your Cup?

Now you have an education on the types of drinking water available to you! What kind of water do you think you’ll fill your cup with? Remember, keeping hydrated is great for your overall health, so drink up!

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