Dookan Online Grocery Store is Offering Discounts on Indian Stuff

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Most of the Indian Expats residing in Germany and other foreign countries struggle to meet their craving for authentic Indian food and groceries.

Germany is the second most opted country by Indians, promising the best university campus and increased job opportunities. The Indian population is proliferating in this country, leading to the increased demand for Indian grocery stores in Germany.

But Germany or any country in the European Union doesn’t have many options for Indian Groceries and Food that the Indian diaspora can rely on. Most of them are located in the outskirts, taking a lot more time to commute daily.

Consequently, Dookan took the lead and became one of the most reliable sources to get the list of Indian groceries. You can now easily order Indian vegetables, spices, Ghee, sweets, savories providing homely taste to Bengali, South Indian, Gujarati, Punjabi, Marwari, or any Indian residing in Germany.

Why Indians Look Out for Online Grocery Stores?

Pandemic has made us all realize the importance and benefits of online stores. With strictly followed no stepping out restrictions, opting for online stores was the only option left with all of us to complete our daily needs.

On comparing online and offline store shopping, the online store certainly get the bounty points. Moreover, talking about why Indians prefer Online Indian Grocery stores in Germany, the fundamental and most prominent reason is long traveling distances.

Most of the Indian grocery stores in Germany are located on the outskirts. Hence, students or job employees can’t forbear out a whole day just for grocery shopping. Moreover, various cost-saving and beneficial factors prove online shopping as the ideal option.

# Convenience: 

As discussed, Indian Grocery Stores in Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Cologne, Frankfurt am Main, Stuttgart, Düsseldorf, Leipzig, and other major cities in Germany, EU are mainly located in the neighborhoods. Dookan is adding to resident convenience where now they can order while sitting on their couch, merely in just a few clicks.

Online Stores are easily accessible by everyone and have more varieties available than offline stores.

# Increased Options:

We all are well aware of the space restrictions with offline stores. They have a limited display counter where shopkeepers are not able to shelve varied options. Online platforms do not have any such restrictions. You can find as many numbers of products as you wish on their website.

Also, a good and well-structured website of Dookan decreases the chances for unsatisfied customers. They find so many persuasive options that they cannot deny, providing accessible comparative spaces.

# Discount Offers:

We all have purchased groceries from supermarkets or stores. We hardly used to get any discount on our purchases, no matter how big the cart amount is. But if you compare the same from online stores, the deal is much better there.

Moreover, you also save by not spending any extra transportation costs, and if you scroll down the offers section for these websites, you will find multiple discount codes that will help you reduce overall cart amounts.

Nevertheless, comparing the prices for different brands is also possible with a few clicks.

Dookan- Online Grocery Store for Indians in Germany:

If you search for online Indian grocery stores in Germany, chances are you’ll land on Dookan as a result. In fact, Dookan is the most recommended e-commerce site for all things related to Indian groceries and other needs.

Dookan is ranked as the best online store for Indian Supplies in European Countries. The website has served its customers for more than 10 years, delivering quality and branded products at the most affordable rates.

Dookan has gained the tag for One-Stop-Shop for all daily needs. The online platform provides options from more than 10 Indian brands, allowing you to compare the prices and ingredients quickly.

The platform deals with more than ten Indian grocery categories, including grains, flour mixes, condiments, spices, pastes, snacks, beverages, instant food, fresh fruits, vegetables, and personal and home care products.

Here are some Facts for this website that will help you get the details for beneficial deals you miss out on!

  • Dookan delivers all its orders within 24-48 Hours of order placements. It even allows you to place fresh fruits and vegetable orders delivered within the least possible time.
  • The website provides a 14-Day return policy to its customers, allowing them to request the returns and refunds of undesired deliveries.

Amazing Offers to Avail on Dookan Online Store:

Dookan aims to provide the best quality products to its customers at the best affordable rates. For this, they have multiple discounts offers active on the website that can be applied to your overall cart amount to avail yourself of extra benefits. These Offers include:

  • Midweek Saver Deal- Get 10% off on your orders using code- MIDWEEK10.
  • Enjoy 15% OFF on fresh fruits and vegetables on Sunday Using Code- VEG15.
  • Get unlimited Cashback on your orders.

Apart from all these coupon codes, the website also has a separate tab under the offers section where you can order your products under Promotional Offers, Bundle Offers, and Stock Clearance Offers.


Are you still looking out for the Online Indian Grocery Store?

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