Does my domain name influence my SEO?

domain name influence SEO

In the past, choosing the right domain name had a significant impact on your search engine rankings. Today, however, things are a little different.

Exact domain matching used to be very important. Because the keyword was included in the domain, Google boosted your results. This alone gives your website credibility and a good ranking.

At first glance, this seems to make a lot of sense. If you want to buy a computer and you do a Google search, a website like or seems like a good place to list computers for sale.

Some companies have also used subdomains and subfolders to insert even more keywords into each URL to try to improve their rankings. For this site, adding a page with the web address provided an immediate SEO benefit.

The situation has changed since then.

Google has realized that an authoritative website is more than just a good domain name. Algorithms have changed to take into account a number of other factors, such as referral websites and credible information.

The focus on-site content is now clearly visible on the results page. Previously, Google would list the results, bold the keyword in the title tag, and often include the domain. Now, if you search for “buy a computer”, the keywords in your query will be bolded in the presentation and content snippets of the website. Visit also: For Advanced SEO services

So is the domain name important?

Absolutely. Choosing the right domain name is an important part of your marketing strategy. It is best to choose a domain that fits your brand image and is not too complex.

The name is not the only criteria for choosing a URL. Companies need to think about TLDs (top-level domains). Whether your domain is .com, .org, .computer (or one of the thousands of other options), it makes a difference. This is because most potential customers will assume that your website ends here. In other words, it’s easier for them to navigate to your website if it ends in .com.

It is also important that the URL is easy to read and gives a professional impression.

Domain names and PPC

One area where a domain name can have a greater impact is PPC. If ad space is limited, it makes sense to include keywords in the domain, as most people who click on PPC ads are looking for a specific product, not a company.

In addition, local SEO results are higher when the domain and subdomains include a location.

For example, if a visitor from Miami is looking for a bar nearby, specifying North Miami instead of South Miami can increase the number of geo-located clicks.

The same is true if the domain ends in a regional TLD such as .uk or .de. These domains have a higher click-through rate when someone searches for that location.

Do I need to change my domain name?

If you already have an exact match domain, you may be wondering if you should change it.

Probably not, but it depends on the situation.

If your business or website already has branding and traffic, there is no need to change your domain. Building a brand takes years of hard work and reputation management, and if a business is successful at it, it’s not worth changing domains.

Instead, focus your SEO efforts on writing quality content, building referral links, and getting good reviews and influential mentions.

If your business is newer and just starting out, you may want to consider switching companies. As your business grows, you may want to expand your product or service offerings beyond the keywords you have registered for your domain. An exact match domain can limit future growth potential.

The key is to focus on non-keyword strategies for the best SEO results.

A solid SEO strategy is important to the longevity of your business, no matter what your situation. We can help by providing you with a state-of-the-art, fully managed SEO service.