Do Superheroes Need Insurance?


“With great power comes equally great responsibility.”

This isn’t just a cool phrase from a superhero movie, it’s what our life is all about. Each one of us is responsible for ourselves and people for people who depend upon us. Insurance plays a big part in securing expenses when we need treatments, or for our family when we are not there for them. Although everyone needs insurance, some may require it more than most. Yes, I am talking about our favourite superheroes. They are our life saviours, but their own lives are always at stake. So who are the superheroes that need insurance the most? Are they getting covered with Employee Health Insurance? Let us look at 5 superheroes to see if they need insurance urgently, and get our questions answered.

1. Batman?

Well, we already know that Batman is covered with home insurance. Remember when his whole mansion burnt down? He must have received a hefty sum from his insurance company that day. However, just protecting your house isn’t enough. As a superhero, who is just a human like you and me, Batman would need both life and health insurance. His constant threat to life, would mean he would need sufficient coverage if he is admitted to Gotham Hospital someday, right? You may think he is rich and has enough money for treatments. Well, with the injuries he carries, he might just have to pay a whole lot more than his bank balance. Also, with big mansions come big expenses. Therefore, he would also need a solid life cover, so his dependents can cover their expenses if he dies. I hope that the Wayne Enterprises Group Medical Insurance has him covered. ?

2. Spiderman?️

Spiderman is as young as they come. His chances of dying of natural causes are lesser than any other superhero. So does he need insurance? Of course, he does. Firstly, health issues can appear anytime, especially if you have been bitten by an engineered spider. Therefore, make sure you buy insurance as soon as you can. Buying insurance early in your life would also mean that your monthly premiums are lesser than anyone older than you. Now, since he has recently joined the Avengers, S.H.I.E.L.D. must have covered him under Employee Health Insurance. Well, one thing’s for sure. His insurance premiums must be much lower than a 100+ years old Captain America! So, if you’re young like Spiderman, do remember to get your insurance soon to avail of lower premiums.

3. Wonder Woman ?

No one needs insurance with an accident cover more than Wonder Woman. Her villains may never be able to defeat her, but there is always a chance that Superman and Batman would accidentally harm her in their own fight. At her age, there is a high chance of chronic illness, and therefore she should always carry her insurance certificate with her. She might be able to defeat the God of War, but fighting against a rising hospital bill isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Amazons age slower than everyone, but they do eventually get old. Maybe it’s time for Diana to renew her insurance.

4. Dr. Strange?‍♂️

Dr. Strange has already been in a life-threatening accident. So, he must understand the importance of having an insurance cover, better than anyone else. As a doctor, he also understands the risks that come with growing age. Travelling across multiverses takes a huge toll on the body, and the number of times Dr. Strange faces an unexpected enemy, he should definitely have insurance handy. Hoping Nick Fury has already signed him for Employee Health Insurance, Dr. Strange should maybe also look for a term insurance considering the number of times he has pissed off Wong. ? As Dr. Strange prepares for his new magical spell, let us pray that his best trick is getting the right insurance!

5. Homelander?

Nobody has more enemies than Homelander. From an angry Billy Butcher to a revengeful Starlight, Homelander has made his lifeline a lot shorter by creating more enemies than he can handle. His superheroes count for nothing if he cannot back himself with insurance. Years of injecting Compound V in his system has done him no good, and it is not long before some adverse effects start to develop. Although Vought might have him covered, still no stones should be left unturned. Getting insurance would at least help him cover his hospital bill if Stan Edgar decides to let things slide. ?

Flying Off

The supervillains are stronger than ever before. They are coming with all their might to fight the earth’s mightiest. However, we believe that the Superheroes will be there for us when we need them the most. Likewise, superheroes must believe that insurance would be there for them when they need it. Insurance is a superpower that can turn an ordinary human into a superhero. You need to remember to use this superpower when the tides turn against you. So, are you planning to be a superhero too?