DIY E-juice Clones: The Boosted Remix


The DIY recipes first came into existence as most people weren’t satisfied with the e-juice recipes on the various sites, leading to creating a platform on the top sites where people could share and discover multiple recipes.

The Different Flavors

CAP Sweet Strawberry

It is a flavor in which the main strawberry note is boosted. At first, you may feel that it is a similar combination of strawberries, just like the TFA straws and the ripe straw combos. Still, there is some other variation of variety in the CAP sweet strawberry compared to the adorable strawberry straws. 

But if you try both the recipes, you will see that you will prefer setting for the CAP at 6%, which has a unique linear and almost candied taste with the bright and luscious strawberry note just like in the original product. The flavor can create a pleasantly smooth experience after a steep taste tingling through your mouth. You can also try making this strong taste more robust, but it always tastes better after a few days of storage. 

FW Yogurt

Have you ever had a moment of creating revelation with a recipe? If not, you are sure to have one using this particular ingredient. You can get the perfect milkshake body, flavor, and texture once you use this recipe in collaboration with the TFA cheese with Graham. The FW yogurt is a straight-out delicious milkshake without any sourness or cheesiness added to its notes. It is a perfectly thick milkshake with a texture of a boot that perfectly mixes the strawberries.

TFA Cheesecake: The Graham Crust

Your recipe is incomplete without this one ingredient which adds a malt note to the entire recipe. It helps to mix up the subtle difference in the recipe with the FW Yogurt’s tremendous help. 3% of the ingredient is enough to bring all the recipe elements together without distracting the consumer from the rich taste and odor of the luscious red strawberries. 

TFA Marshmallow Or The Vanilla Swirl

What tops up with the flavor in the recipe is the vanilla swirl. It adds the perfect consistency for a smooth vaping experience while showcasing a vibrant vanilla flavor that helps pull the recipe together.

The TFA marshmallows are perfect for adding a vanilla icing top texture. In contrast, the vanilla swirl adds the ideal flavor for the formula altogether, creating a perfectly light vanilla frosting almost like those delicious fondants.

TFA Marshmallow / Vanilla Swirl: Finally, I noticed that Boosted had this enjoyable vanilla 

CAP Super Sweet

Are you fond of originality and don’t want your recipe too far from the real deal? Then the super sweet is the perfect ingredient. You can use various amounts of the element according to the amount of sweetness your taste buds crave. You at the start at 0.5% and add more if needed and pump it up as much as you want. Someone who feels the original one too sweet for their taste can tone it down by a notch.

Conclusively there are various flavors with their unique twits available at You can easily create and share recipes with your individual touch without going too far from the actual base recipe.