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Digital Printing Machine

METRO is one of the most popular models of Digital Printing Machine in the market. Its 75-centimeter format makes it suitable for printing a range of products including canvases, books, folders and more. Its high resolution allows it to print on different types of material. Besides, it can produce many different shapes, sizes and colors. Hence, it is an ideal choice for small-scale printing.

The digital printing machine has high productivity and is perfect for large-scale businesses. With a low production cost, this machine is also affordable. It is possible to configure it with two, three, four, six, or eight passes and can print various types of materials. The most important aspect of the Digital Printing Machine is its flexibility. Whether you need to print business cards, brochures, or other types of materials, you can choose the type of machine that suits your needs.

The digital printing machine has advanced transport systems for printing stretch and knitted fabrics. You can choose to use the circular flat screen or the inkjet technology. Both of these machines can print on any surface and any kind of material. In addition to these, the METRO is also capable of printing on a wide range of different materials, including plastics and paper. The METRO works with all kinds of inks. If you need to print on textiles, you can use this machine to print on textiles.

If you want to print on fabrics of different thickness, you can opt for the METRO 8 color printer. It is available in different widths and colors. It has high efficiency and is capable of handling a variety of materials and inks. Aside from its high-volume and versatility, the METRO 8 can handle a wide range of tasks, such as running lengths of cloth or cutting a fabric. The METRO digital printing machine even uses heated wheels to seal the ink.

The METRO industrial-grade digital textile printer is a great choice for small-scale printing needs. With a wide range of configuration options, it can handle a wide range of materials. It is a versatile machine that offers high-quality results. It is highly recommended for small-scale production and variable data printing. Aside from that, you can also use the METRO to produce high-quality labels. Aside from its versatility, the METRO is also easy to operate.

The METRO digital textile printing machine is a high-quality 1.8-metre wide printer that uses industrial-grade jetting assembly. This machine uses a drum and electrostatic rollers to apply toner. It is suitable for high-volume and personalisation applications. It can be purchased with a modular design for maximum flexibility. A wide range of print speeds, image quality, and connectivity makes it the perfect choice for high-volume printing needs.

The METRO is an industrial-grade, 1.8-metre wide digital textile printer that features advanced technology and efficient engineering. It is a flexible machine that can accommodate a wide range of applications. The METRO has a wide range of inks and can print a range of materials. If you are interested in investing in a Digital Printing Machine, the METRO will meet your needs for both small and large-scale printing.

The METRO digital textile printer features efficient engineering and a high-quality, industrial-grade design. Its speed is able to satisfy the needs of the textile industry and can be configured with two, three, four, or even eight passes. With the help of a Digital Printing Machine, you can produce high-quality textiles at a lower cost. You will also save money on your ink. The METRO can be customized with various inks.

This type of digital printer uses the latest technology and efficient engineering to print the customer’s artwork. The print heads move side-by-side on the material, which sprays the design onto it. Its versatility makes it a great choice for small-scale printing jobs. This machine is very easy to operate and can handle all types of inks. It can also be used for high-quality textiles. It can even be custom-made for a large number of applications.

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Ink used for digital printing is generated on the print head. The ink is transferred to the paper using digital technology. Ink is transferred to the paper by the inkjet. This process eliminates the need for plate-based printing. Moreover, it reduces the carbon footprint of the company. However, it is not a good choice for small-scale printing, where high-quality machines are preferred. This way, you can save money on digital printing.