Different Types of Fabrics Used in Salwar Kameez


Salwar Kameez is one of the most famous attire for women in the world. It has been worn in the subcontinent for centuries. You can see this traditional dressing in the Mugal era’s paintings and artifacts. You can choose from salwar kameez online, clothing of your own style and taste. The online availability provides you an array of styles to choose from. The look and style of salwar kameez are dependent on the material.

In this article, we are going to discuss the various fabrics utilized in salwar kameez.

Cotton salwar kameez:

In subcontinent weather conditions, cotton is the favorite clothing fabric. Cotton clothes are best suited in hot conditions, due to better air circulation. Cotton fabric can absorb all the moisture and keep our skin cool and dry. Cotton is resistant to dust mites and protects our skin from irritation and allergies. This is the comfort and softness of the fabric, making it the number one choice to make salwar and kameez.

Pure cotton clothing is the softest and comfortable to wear. There are widely used blended fabrics like cotton silk, cotton jute, and cotton viscose. Each of these blended fabrics has its own beauty and style. Thus cotton is considered the best material to make salwar and kameez. It can be used as a casual dressing due to its comfort to wear. This is not the only reason for the popularity of cotton. It can be dyed in various vibrant colors. Cotton fabric can last the dyes for a longer period. 

Silk salwar kameez:

Silk has a special place in the hearts and minds of women. Silk salwar and kameez are regarded as costly fabric, it is used to make party dressing in weddings and Mehandi functions in the Subcontinent.  The silk is a soft and shiny fabric, so party clothing is usually made of silk. Silk is a heavy fabric, so it is best suited for embroidery. The silk salwar kameez are costly as compared to cotton.    

Pure silk is soft and shiny, you can wear it with ease and comfort. Cotton can’t be used for heavy embroidery, as it has a loose lattice. Silk fiber can bear the weight of embroidery and you can move easily. This special ability of silk makes it the best fiber for heavy embroidery like in wedding ceremonies. There are different varieties of silk, like Banarasi silk, Chinese silk, Mysore silk, and Tussar silk. 

Georgette, chiffon:

As silk is costly, other synthetic fabrics like Georgette have become the popular choice for a strong and flowy look. Georgette can support heavy embroideries and decoration. The amazing georgette is a suit for party wear in place of silk. 

Chiffon is utilized to make the Anarkali design of salwar kameez. Chiffon is a sensuous,  and luxurious fabric for making gratifying salwar kameez.  

Salwar kameez is the superior choice of women due to its comfort, versatility, and absorbing look. In this age of fashion, there are multiple varieties of salwar kameez. You can find contrasting designs and fabrics utilized in salwar kameez. The fabrics are used according to the requirement of work on the salwar kameez.