Difference between your Commercial Cleaning Company and a Janitorial Service

commercial cleaning services

As all business owners know, it is very important to keep your workspace, whether it is a retail store, warehouse or office building, clean and tidy all through the year. Not only does working in a clean and hygienic space improve employee morale and satisfaction, but it also keeps absences low and productivity high. Additionally, a clean building leaves a good impression in the minds of your clients and customers, which is why this is one thing you cannot afford to skimp on.

Many businesses are confused between hiring janitorial services or a commercial cleaning company for their facility. While these terms are often used interchangeably, there are some differences in the way both operate.

What does a janitorial service do?

Janitorial services are usually hired for small, everyday cleaning tasks such as wiping counters, sweeping floors, cleaning dust off railings or vacuuming carpets on a consistent, regular basis. They may also clean toilets, empty the garbage bins and sanitise high-touchpoint areas. They mostly operate during the daytime while people are still in the building. A janitorial service helps keep your facility clean and germ-free in between deep cleans and prevents major dirt or dust buildups.

On the other hand, a janitorial service will rarely conduct deep cleans such as steam cleaning carpets, disinfecting high-touchpoint areas, tile and grout cleaning, floor restoration or pressure washing. While janitorial services are great for everyday cleaning, occasionally your facility will require more thorough cleaning, which is where a commercial cleaning company comes in.

What does a commercial cleaning company do?

Many business owners believe that hiring a commercial cleaning company is only required when the facility is in need of a deep clean. This couldn’t be further from the truth! Most commercial cleaning companies offer customisable facility cleaning services, and you can choose the frequency and intensity of the cleans you require. By hiring a commercial cleaner, you will not need the services of a janitor, as the cleaning company will take care of everyday cleaning as well as deep cleaning and a wide range of other specialty cleaning services.

Commercial Cleaning companies have expert skills that janitorial services often do not provide. For example, they will know the correct methods, products and equipment to use on a wide variety of different surfaces to clean them properly and protect them for longevity. They can also help with your sustainability agenda through correct ‘green cleaning’ protocols and know the best methodologies for COVID-19 preventative and deep cleaning.

Commercial Cleaning companies provide you with an account management structure that delivers significant benefits over a janitorial service. They can establish a tailored service to your needs, staff flexibility, better response to issues and dedicated customer service. In addition, a commercial cleaning company will be able to implement an inspection and audit regime and provide comprehensive reporting on the standards of cleanliness within your facility.

Commercial Cleaning companies are often on the forefront of cleaning innovations and can devise ways to improve efficiencies save you money. They will drive innovations, better ways of working and an agenda of continuous improvement that will lead to better service and value.

Both janitorial and facility cleaning services have their benefits, but when you choose a commercial cleaning business, you benefit from additional service capability and account management expertise.