Detox – Your Body’s Spring Cleaning


It used to be that the only time you heard the term “detox” was when someone walked into an alcohol rehab clinic. But in an age when celebrities are betting on special diets, liquid fasts, and colonics, detox generally has nothing to do with alcohol. Whether it’s cleansing, fasting, or detoxification, it all comes down to removing toxins from the body that experts say build up in our lymphatic and immune systems.

Holistic and alternative health experts claim that detoxification allows the body a respite from the pollutants, pesticides, and poisons that surround most people on a daily basis, showing up in the food we eat and the air we breathe. Chemicals in the environment are filtered out by the body and often have nowhere to go, according to Dr. Terri Hawkins, an Indianapolis-based naturopathic physician and nutrition counselor who has been practicing colon hydrotherapy, as well. known as a colonic, for 29 years. Her holistic approach helps people who already have degenerative problems like cancer or Parkinson’s disease, as well as professional athletes and artists looking to optimize their training and health.

“The purpose of detoxification is to allow the immune system to become stronger,” Hawkins said. “And the immune system is vital. You are only as strong as your weakest link Click For More:” Food, nutritional supplements, medications and environmental influences can help or hinder the immune system, Hawkins said. Colonics are a way to help the body eliminate negative factors.

David Townsend, 34, first heard about the colon cleansing procedure from a friend in California. Celebrities rely on them as part of a regular health regimen, as well as a way to shed pounds and flatten their stomachs before special events and award shows. Like most people, Townsend was concerned. But after two months of researching the topic and hearing first-hand experiences from his sister, who says she is “a healthy food freak and very self-conscious about her body,” he decided to give it a try.

“There was a bit of hesitation because you think it’s going to be really invasive, but it’s not at all,” said Townsend, who started getting colonics regularly in March. Townsend said that he has lost about 12 pounds and several inches in recent months. “And I’m not heavy,” Townsend said. But beyond the weight loss benefit, Townsend said he feels healthier. “It’s an investment in yourself,” he said. “I’ve tried all kinds of supplements and there’s nothing that comes close to how you feel afterward. The challenge is trying not to put it all back on.”