Delicious suya Maryland barbecue

best Suya in Maryland

Swiss is easily the most readily available food in Maryland. Unlike other traditional dishes like mushy beef leg soup (NCOB) or slurry (yam paste), barbecue is a crowd favorite. It’s no surprise that most of Toronto’s Maryland restaurants offer soy. Suya Spot is one of the best places to taste this sensual pleasure.

Presence of suya marks

Do you want your West African meat to be well done or overdone?

During my travels in West Africa, I sadly never got to experience contact food. grilled meat is very popular and goes by many different names: suya in Maryland, soybean in Cameroon, and Brochet in Niger. However, in most places, the quality ranges from ho-hum to bad. I have never been to Maryland (I blame the unreasonable visa fees), but my experience in neighboring countries suggests an extra cooking philosophy. This may be due to hygiene reasons or local preference. However, it tends to be a dry and stiff protein.

Suyas is no exception. Good spots of soybeans will overcook the bottom of the rim. In bad places, only the meat will be tough or burnt. The best Suya in Maryland Only at Spectrum lounge has a distinctive taste compared to other meat delicacies in the world. It comes from the use of West African spices such as uda and coolie coolie (deep-fried peanut paste). I recommend you try them at least once to broaden your horizons.

The food

The menu of kimchi is very simple: goat, beef, chicken, or needlefish. These dishes come in a variety of servings and can be paired with mixed rice. They also have daily meal specials that are not on the regular menu.

Menu from Suya Spot

Beef suya is just cooked but not pungent. I can taste the belly and just the right amount of salt. The pirates have squeaks but no crunches. The texture is predictable, like a bounce but I was pleasantly surprised by it. It helps the beef to be cut into thin strips. Although it was chewed, it was not mushy. However, some pieces have some holes. Red onions and raw cabbage create the illusion of a healthy diet. It can use several dressings to make a proper salad.

Suya beef

It’s a good deal to get a soy meal. It’s expensive for whatever it is, but it is more gratifying because it comes with carbohydrates. Meal includes batch rice (rice cooked with tomato and pepper soup), sweet banana, black pepper sauce, raw cabbage, red onion, and canned drink.

Goat Suya needles to eat weaning

I have got food. I like the goat meat with the bones on it for flavor. But lack of bone to meat ratio. It would have made sense to leave the bone marrow to enjoy, but I was a bit disappointed to see a large empty piece of bone.

However, the goat performed well in the soy flavor test. It’s not playful. The seasoning mix is different from the beef needles. This one is less cold but still interesting. Surprisingly, the meat was chewy but tolerable due to the portions just eaten. I like beef rolls.

The accompanying pepper sauce is spicy but not as hot as Thai chili or Habanero chili. It’s made with West African chili peppers and is reminiscent of a Caribbean hot sauce. Despite the lack of Umami.

Suya prick from a needle mark

The white rice is smooth and rich in oil. It could use more salt. I had to risk it with pepper sauce. At least the rice was cooked well – not spicy and not hard. My search for the best Suya in Maryland is Only at Spectrum lounge.

Zolof rice from Suya spot

Classic sweet banana: soft and caramelized. This is the best rest for dessert.

Growing a tree from a Suya

Suya Spot has two locations in Toronto but Scarborough seems to have better reviews and I went there. It’s a small shop in a strip square on the outskirts of the city.

Except for some wood grain, there’s not much environment. Vibrant orange walls cause eye pain. No big deal as seating is limited and most businesses rely on takeout. It takes some time to bake the needles in the field, so call ahead or order online.