Decorative Window Shades to Have a Better View

Window Shades

Interior décor is never complete until it is adorned with the right window dressing. When planning the design for any place, people usually overlook the significance of window coverings. There are a wide range of decorative window shades that can strike a balance between functionality and beauty. They enhance the feel and look of a room giving the space a modern and classic touch. Let’s explore some window treatment ideas that can create a better view of any home.

Interior Glass Shades

A cozy bedroom with eclectic decoration often showcases a blend of different patterns and floral motifs. All the décor elements are carefully chosen to give the room a thoughtful and cohesive look. Roman shades with matching color schemes with the interior add to the design consistency in the bedroom. Moreover, they also ensure much-needed privacy in a bedroom.

Consistent Patterns

Using small patterns for bed, walls and windows together creates a distinct look. Matching the patterns of decorative shades, bedding, headboard and wallpaper makes a wonderful backdrop. One can use throw pillows of contrast colors. Matching color schemes will create a dreamy bedroom.

Double Shades

For less light filtration and extra dimension, one can use double window treatments – drapes with Roman shades. These kinds of window coverings make a window look bigger and also ensure greater privacy and comfy.

Rattan Blinds

These decorative window shades might appear a bit traditional but they suit all kinds of room decoration. Rattan blinds allow a little amount of natural light shining in the indoors while delivering privacy. Using these blinds in bathrooms is a great idea. They give a tiny bathroom a refined look.

Matching Wallpaper

Matching window dressings and wallpapers creates an enveloped look and also has a distinct aesthetic appeal. With red printed wallpapers and fabric window treatments, everything will look rosy with warm tones all around. A contemporary style rug and a casual side table offer a formal and traditional element to a room.

Shutters and Awning

When planning to purchase new window treatments, one should not forget the exteriors. For the exterior, one can use shutters along with an orange striped awning. Awnings are great decorative window shades! While selecting the shutters, make sure that they are of right measurement and can be closed over the windows.

Folding Screen

Folding screens are very useful decorative window shades that add patterns, color and architectural dimension to a place. They function well as window treatments but do not need to be hanged with the help of anything.