Decarboxylation: How to Decarb Your Weed


If you never decarb cannabis and don’t know about its procedure and all, then don’t need to worry as this article is designed for you. You will definitely get the tip to toe information from this guide. So before ongoing with depth, let’s get to what is decarboxylation? 

Decarboxylation is a significant process if you are making edible cannabis at your home. In this process, the form of cannabis gets changed. However, a raw cannabis bud or dried bud will generate an intoxicating effect of THC as the raw cannabis contains natural cannabinoid acids with no natural amount of CBD and THC. However, a cannabis weed has the unchanged form of THC and CBD that is known as THCA and CBDA that has several benefits for health but doesn’t have the intoxicating effect, or you can say that you won’t get high. Therefore, weed decarbing is a significant process that converts the intoxicating effect through the process called decarboxylation. Heat and time are the two main factors used during decarboxylation. With cannabis decarboxylation, you will get the exceptional experience of CBD and THC effect while consuming it. 

Moreover, if the cannabis buds will not be decrabed before eating, you will not approach the effective psychoactive stage. After consuming an ounce of raw cannabis bud, you will smell apothecary. 

Which is best? Grinding weeds or breaking into small pieces!

There’s always a debate between grinding and breaking small pieces of weeds for the decarboxylation process. The method depends on the person’s requirements and needs; a person’s requirement determines the best method. 

Small pieces of Weeds

There are many people who prefer breaking weeds into small pieces as they find it the best to consume naturally. Through small pieces, people get a natural and rigid taste of weed, and they like it. However, breaking weeds into small pieces is a time-consuming process. It can be done by hands or in the machines. The [procedure of breaking weeds into small pieces depends upon the strength of the fingers. Most of the people break down the weeds before weed decarbing through their hands. 


It’s the easiest method than breaking weeds into small pieces. However, grinding has several benefits; it can be grinded through machines such as food processors. It takes limited time and breaks the components into the finest. In grinding, you simply need ro put the weed into the jar and just hold the button to grind it. You can also get a downside grinding processor that finely grinds the bud and makes it edible. 

Now, the market has a wide range of grinding machines such as Magical butter machines. You need to break the bud into small parts by hand and, after that, make a solid solution of cannabis. 

Impacting factors on decarboxylation

Many factors change the look and taste of the final product when decarboxylating cannabis. Equipment variety, decarboxylation size, temperature, time and many more are the crucial factors that impact weed decarbing. However, it is essential to control the temperature. Excessive amounts of heat destroy the various compounds of the plant. Each plant has therapeutic health benefits; therefore, 300°F is considered the best temperature. 


Weed decarbing is an essential process to get them the active and high effect of cannabis, and there are various methods to perform decarboxylation. You can also do it with homemade techniques.