Debunking the Most Common Moving Myths That Exist Today

Debunking the Most Common Moving Myths That Exist Today

In 2021, Americans were on the move. If you’re looking to move this year but are overwhelmed with where to start, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve rounded up the most common moving myths that exist today to help make your move a little easier.

Moving doesn’t have to be stressful. From saving money moving yourself to using just any boxes to pack your stuff, we’ll go over which myths are false and what to do differently for your move. Let’s get you packed, moved, and onto your next chapter.

You’ll Save Money Moving Yourself

One of the most common moving myths is that you’ll save money moving yourself. Using professional movers can actually save you money. When you rely on yourself and friends or family to move, you’re putting a lot of weight literally on your shoulders.

One of the main things moving yourself will cost you is time. In addition to packing and cleaning out your existing home, you’ll also need to take time off work or lose time with your family to load trucks, pack up, and transport. This process can take days or even weeks without professional help.

Before choosing to move yourself, conisder if you have this much time to dedicate to a move. Are you able to load trucks, transport belongings, rent trucks, and carry everything you own? If the answer is no, turning to a professional maybe your best option.

Every Mover is the Same

One commonly held myth is that all movers are the same. While there may be some bad moving companies out there, most are looking to do the best job possible and win back your business and referrals for years to come.

If a moving company doesn’t do a great job helping you move, you likely won’t use them again or refer them to family and friends. As a moving company, this is always the goal. Every mover isn’t the same.

The best moving companies should feel like a partner. They are there to answer questions and make your move less stressful. Movers help with moves every day. They have seen it all before and understand the logistics that come with a move.

Before hiring a mover, take some time to read reviews and ask family and friends who they have used. Speak with your mover to make sure you’re comfortable and understand the process. Movers are there to take the stress out of moving.

Any Moving Box Will Work

When it comes to moving boxes, many people believe they are all created equal. This is definitely a myth worth exploring. Moving boxes aren’t all the same.

While some boxes may cost a lot and be deemed better than others, the cost isn’t always indicative of quality. You may overpay for a box that isn’t going to hold up. On the flip side, you may also think you’re saving money only to end up buying poor-quality boxes that tear and fall apart.

Before you buy moving boxes, ask your mover if they provide boxes. If they do, these boxes are typically what they recommend. They have likely been tested for thousands of moves and your movers know they work best.

Your valuables are important, do a little homework before choosing a moving box. Check the labels to see if there is a recommended weight limit and how many pounds they can hold. You also want to check reviews of boxes if you’re buying them online. Take the advice of customers who have used the product to see how they hold up.

It’s Always Best to Move on a Weekend

While many people move on weekends, this isn’t always the best time to move. There are five additional days of the week that may be less busy to move. Moving during the week may mean your movers have more time in their schedule. Friday, for example, is the most popular day to move

During the week, you will also know the title office and banks are open making closing more seamless. Moving during the week also means you may have the rest of the week and weekend to tie up any loose ends, clean, and start unpacking.

You Don’t Need to Label Boxes

One of the most important things you can do before you move is to label your boxes. This will greatly help your movers and your family find what they need and make sure everything goes in the correct space.

Make sure to label essentials or even take a box of these with you in your car. Labeling a box for your first night will ensure you have things such as toilet paper, baby essentials, medications, and an all-important stuffed animal, for example.

Labeling will also make less work after the movers leave. It’s hard to know where to begin unpacking when you don’t have the boxes organized and labeled.

Moving is Always Stressful

One of the most common moving myths is that moving is stressful. Moving doesn’t have to be stressful, however. Moving should be fun and exciting. It means a new chapter in a new place. Instead of making it stressful and tiresome, let movers help take off the stress.

Moving with movers can offer some much-needed peace of mind. Let movers take care of the driving, lifting, and even packing help if you need it. Movers can also assemble and disassemble furniture. This is a huge time saver. If you’re worried about how you can lift everything, pack, keep valuables intact, and coordinate the logistics of the day, movers can take care of it all.

Don’t Let Moving Myths Scare You From Moving

To help make sure your move goes smoothly, we’ve debunked some of the most common moving myths. Local movers are professionals who move people every day. Let professional movers take the stress off your shoulders. For more home and real estate tips check out the blog section.