Daisy Van der Zijden – Dutch Artist


Daisy Van der Zijden is a famous Pencil Artist from the Netherland. To ace a profession demands a lot of expertise, enthusiasm, and energy. On top of it all, it requires one to portray passion and perseverance. Success is not the thing we should crave. It is the hard work and persistence we should practice, as it will automatically open our paths to success in life. Daisy always had a spark for doing something different in her life and never stopped for anything less.

Her works are energetic and expressive, transforming the mundane into magic. Daisy Van der Zijden’s candid reflections of daily life attest that the simple things are the most fascinating.

Her passion for delivering something new and something better has driven him over the years and is the key to her success & perseverance. She always believed in hard work and

determination, which eventually led her to the path of success.

Daisy Van der Zijden has continued to increase her popularity across several social media platforms. Her massive following, which can be attributed mainly to her ingenuity and creativity, has attracted the attention of several global brands. She broke into prominence for her unique craft skills, growing her popularity for her captivating images and videos.

Art is a universal language that transcends age, gender, and culture. It is a form of expression that has been around for centuries and is something that everyone can appreciate. It can be used to express yourself as an artist or a listener and is often a very relaxing experience. But what if you want to create an art piece that is uniquely yours? This article will show you Daisy Van der Zijden’s last artwork, “African Love“.

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African Love

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