Customised Name Badges and Eco-Friendliness: The Best of Both Worlds


Yearly, 60 million plastic bottles (or more) end up in landfills. Even more troubling is this statistic: in America alone, over 100 billion plastic grocery bags end up in the trash (and inevitably, in landfills and waterways).

On waterways: there are over 5 trillion combined “bits” (both macro and micro) of plastic in the world’s oceans, totaling a ponderous 269,000 tons.

The global plastic crisis is real and it has consequences for everyone. Fortunately, it’s not something we’re helpless to counteract. In some instances, you can fight the plastic crisis and get something nice in the bargain as well. Who knew the worlds of eco-friendliness and improved branding through customised name badges would intersect?

Introducing the Bamboo Name Badge
Bamboo is a fast-growing grass; some species can grow over 30 inches per day. Not only is it fast-growing, but as a naturally produced material, it is sustainable and biodegradable.

The visionaries at Imprint Plus have taken it upon themselves to create a series of customizable, reusable name badges from this readily available, affordable, and eco-friendly material: the aptly named Bamboo Name Badge.

The Bamboo Name Badge is a lightweight, environmentally conscious answer to the world’s plastic crisis – but the good news is it makes it possible for savvy business owners to improve their branding while diminishing their plastic footprint!

The unique material is inherently eye-catching, as it is made from bamboo and many other sorts of name badges are still made from metal, plastic, and other synthetics. It just isn’t that common to see name badges made of this sort of natural material.

Even so, the Bamboo Name Badge can be customized in a wide variety of ways. This unique name badge can be either laser engraved or digitally UV-print in full color. Adding names, titles logos, and eye-catching imagery has never been easier or more eco-conscious.

If you’re looking to create an even more appealing, customized approach to name badge branding, rest easy; the Bamboo Name Badge can also be cut into custom shapes. Simply get in touch with an Imprint Plus customer service representative and let them know how you’d like your badges to look!

These bamboo badges are also lightweight and highly durable. They’ll stay in place all day, last for longer, and are available with your choice of either magnetic or pin fasteners – whatever works for you and the needs of your employees!

Why Use Bamboo?
Bamboo is far from the only environmentally friendly material that is readily and commercially available, so you might be thinking – why bamboo?

Well, one is that bamboo can be easily cultivated and grows so rapidly. These properties nearly ensure that there is almost always a ready supply of bamboo for harvesting and purposing. It also helps keep costs down. Bamboo is not terribly expensive, like many other naturally produced materials.

Bamboo is also physically very tough. Its fibers are very flexible, strong, and durable, so they’ll last longer, which keeps down replacement costs.

Another interesting and little-known fact about bamboo is that it has natural, antimicrobial properties, making it more appealing for use in public settings.

And of course, the crowning glory of bamboo is that it is naturally produced, sustainable, and biodegradable, so even if bamboo products do end up in the trash, they’ll break down and return to the earth much more quickly than other synthetics.

High-quality customised name badges that can be configured with custom shapes, logos, colors, and much more are closer than you think – and there are eco-friendly options as well. To learn more about the Bamboo Name Badge and the many other unique offerings available at Imprint Plus, visit their website today at or contact them directly at 800-563-2464.

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