You won’t ever from this point forward be stuck without some great projectile diary washi tape thoughts once more!

In the event that you are in any way similar to me you likely have somewhat (OK, a significant), washi tape compulsion. So how could you at any point manage  ?

I’ve gathered up some perfect washi tape hacks for your slug diary or organizer. From dazzling bujo designs to making the best bujo trackers or brightening your craft diaries… . all utilizing washi tape.

Assuming you are new to this simply know that washi tape are all modest things yet can add a very exceptional touch to your undertaking. Try not to let every one of those delightful washi plans sit unused. Continue to peruse to figure out how to utilize washi tape in shot diaries.

On the off chance that you have an immense assortment of tapes and are considering how to manage washi tape moves then you are perfectly located! I have recorded 40 methods for utilizing your washi tape other than gather it!


Washi tape is a kind of tape utilized for ornamental purposes.

The word washi comes from Japanese and it is a kind of slender paper. So washi tape is a flexible material that is meager as paper however is glue as tape. It is practically similar to covering tape with a plan on it yet it isn’t quite so follower as concealing tape and strips off effectively overall.

They come in various plans making washi tape perfect for create projects, scrapbooking, as beautiful things, and furthermore for projectile journaling thoughts.

40 Innovative Slug Diary washi tape Thoughts

Underneath I list the best washi tape utilizes that will make your organizer thoughts and activities much cooler.

So look at what washi tape is utilized for in a bujo

•             Make a Washi Tape Diary Sample

When you begin gathering your number one Japanese washi tape from Side interest Hall, Michael’s or Amazon it is really smart to make a tape pattern record or design.

It seems OK to have an assortment page in your bujo. With time you can alter your pattern to add new favorite ones or supplant the completed ones in light of the fact that washi tape is removable.

Enhancing an organizer with washi tape is likely quite possibly the earliest thing that ring a bell. Similarly as you can utilize washi as shot diary tape, it can likewise be utilized with an organizer, for example, Blissful Organizer, Energy Planner,Erin Condren, Kikki.K and so on.

Customizing a purchased instant organizer is one of the most mind-blowing ways of utilizing washi tape and make the organizer your own.