What Your Custom Printed Cosmetic Boxes Should Tell You

custom printed cosmetic boxes

The use of cosmetics is only increasing with every passing day. In the past, cosmetics were supposed to be used by females. But these days, the use of cosmetics is not restricted to gender. Just like our outlook has changed, the products also evolved. The foundation that we used twenty years back had a different formula. And that is just the smallest example of how much we evolved. With time, we end up learning about new things beneficial for our skin. And give up on some ingredients that harm us in one way or another. The same case is with packaging.

The use of plastic was never considered bad. It was not until we were quarantined and could witness how much plastic has affected the environment. With that, the use of organic packaging was considered a crucial part of the business. When it comes to cosmetics not only do we need to use the right ingredients. But we also have to carefully consider and select a box for our product. A packaging box affects our product and our brand. But have you ever wondered what exactly our packaging should tell us? And how should we get it customized? If yes, then let us answer your question. In this article, we would discuss what your custom printed cosmetic boxes should tell the customers. And how could we turn our simple box into an elegant one?

Use The Suitable Packaging Style:

A perfect packaging style allows us to keep our products safe and secure from harm. When we use a custom box, the shape and size are also tailored. And hence when we place the product in the box, it perfectly sits in it, without moving around too much. When a product does not move around the box, there are fewer chances of it getting affected by external harm. Here are some packaging boxes getting used for cosmetics:

  • Kraft boxes.
  • Two-piece boxes.
  • Magnetic boxes.
  • Metalized boxes.
  • Boxes with paper inserts.

Kraft cosmetic packaging boxes are used for products like eye shadows. Two-piece boxes, magnetic and metalized packaging are used for luxurious products. Meanwhile, when a product has fragile glass packaging, it’s best to use a case with cardboard inserts.

Brand Logo and Slogan:

A cosmetic box always should tell the customer to which brand it belongs. These days we only consider the appearance of the product. But that does not mean that we do not care about product quality. But how do we judge product quality? We would have to use a box that represents the product professionally. Meanwhile, a brand logo on the box, makes the product appear legit.

Many packaging companies try to emphasize their presence. And it could be done so by highlighting their band identity on the box. You must have noticed that many brands do not imprint anything except the logo and slogan. And these two factors are customized with metalized foil. In this way, they make their brand visible even from afar.

Elegant Branding:

An elegant branding is simply a box with a straightforward yet elegant theme. It doesn’t have anything written on it except the brand logo and slogan alongside it. And such packaging is receiving popularity in the cosmetic industry. Now, these are the days where you can simply attract customers depending on how creative you are. If you do not want to go with a sophisticated theme. Then go for more of a fun theme. But never ignore the fact that one must also use professional cosmetic packaging wholesale.

Primary Information On the Label:

Your packaging must always tell the customer what features the products hold. Every day many products are released into the market. But not each of them receives the recognition that they deserve. But why does this happen? Why are some of the products receiving recognition? And others are ignored even though they also are of high quality? The reason solely lies in our packaging. If our packaging does not represent the product professionally, how would the customer know what the product is about?

And that is why designers before designing packaging, always try to understand the product and the brand. In this way, they highlight the features that are important to be displayed on the box. Tell the customer how your product is different yet more effective.

Choose The Compelling Font:

Typography plays a crucial role in our branding. It either makes our box appear processional. Or make it look ugly. Now, a designer always has a hard time finding the right font. Not every product branding requires the same font or same size. And hence it always depends on the product and the box dimension of what font we use. Now the question remains what information should be imprinted on our packaging boxes?

Imprint the Following:-

  • The product manufacturing and expiration date.
  • Suitable design pattern and texture.
  • Brand logo and slogan.
  • The instructions to store the product.
  • Ingredients used to manufacture the item.
  • Instruction on how to use the product.

Imprint Elegant Designs On the Box:

If we wish to make our packaging appear unique, we must be creative. We have to do something that no other is doing. Not only do we need to have a company’s theme but also have a unique one. No matter what age we live in, art is always appreciated. And many sellers are trying to make their packaging a piece of art. We could also do so by imprinting designs, patterns, and textures on our packaging. Use a color palette that appears aesthetic and soothing.

The more your packaging appears aesthetically pleasing, the more customers you can gain. With powerful artistic expressions, define your product. And showcase what features the product holds. It has been proved with a study that humans perceive information easily through graphics. So always hire a designer that understands your product and your brand motto.

Now make the right use of custom printed cosmetic boxes. Impress your customers and advertise your brand by using this packaging.