Cryptocurrency trading robots for your successful investment

Still trading manually and constantly watching news, trying to catch the trend? Following the exchange rates day and night? Cryptuoso provides automated cryptocurrency trading robots built on carefully tested trading algorithms. Trading robots make money on both rising and falling of cryptocurrency prices. The more volatile the market – the more opportunities for the robots. Robots instantly respond to cryptocurrency market fluctuations and generate trading signals that are safely transmitted to chosen сryptocurrency exchange on your behalf.


Robots are cloud-based and do not require installation of software on your computer. Thus, signals and transactions will never be missed, and you can use any device to monitor your trading performance.


Cryptocurrency markets are very volatile and often require immediate decision making. Robots instantly react to market fluctuations and use both stop-loss and market orders according to algorithms to minimize potential drawdown.


Our robots use customizable API exchange keys, which allow to make deals, but not to manage your account. We store your keys in a secure, encrypted storage.


Just add your exchange account and subscribe to robots for transactions. Complete a few steps and you are done.

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