Corporate relocation: 6 things you should pay special attention to

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If some company wants you there, to work for them, it is great. But, what if the company is not in your city or state? Simply said, corporate relocation is where an employer (a company) transfers an employee (you) and pays moving expenses in order to work for them. What the company will offer to pay instead of you, depends on the company. But, you should always ask them what is in the package and negotiate. Try to get everything you need when moving to another state for them. As for now, read what you should expect.

What does it cover?

When it comes to moving expenses, employers offer different types of an expense coverage. But, in most cases this includes:

  • Child care, using lists of providers or care centers in the city where you will live after moving
  • Job support for a spouse
  • Reimbursement for transport and moving with reliable movers
  • Travelling back home to finish moving details
  • Vehicle transfer
  • Costs of professional packing and unpacking
  • Assistance with closing costs and commission on the sale of a home
  • Assistance with closing costs and commission if you are buying a home
  • Coverage for breaking a lease
  • Storage costs
  • Cultural training if moving to another country
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Not only will you change the place where you live but also, you will get a new job, new co-workers, new friends, a new lifestyle, home, etc. Your entire life will be different. Especially if you are moving to another country, maybe you will need to learn a new language, learn more about the culture and traditions. 

Here are 6 things to consider when planning a corporate relocation!

What to consider when moving to a new place for a job? Or what to pay attention to, and how to prepare for this big change in life?

#1 Relocation package

Negotiate relocation package and you should know that it does not include only the transportation costs. This package will show how your future employer is serious and how much it cares about employees. The relocation package depends on the company’s policy. Choose a moving company that will help you transport all your items to a new place on, find a home, prepare all the documents, etc. Make sure to have all receipts. Without them, a company will not be able to pay your relocation expenses.

#2 Hire a reliable moving company

To have a successful and smooth relocation to another state, it is crucial to find a reputable moving company with experience. Get recommendations, search online, read reviews from past clients, check license and insurance numbers, verify the company’s address, etc. 

Hire skilled experts to help you out with cross-country relocation and you do not have anything to worry about when it comes to household items transportation. Moving from state to state can be simply done with the right helping hand. 

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#3 Know your finances and expenses

When moving long-distance for the first time, people often do not know how much the moving costs are with all the additional fees. The relocation package is a great way to start with, but an employer won’t pay for absolutely everything. 

You should know all the expenses and how much money you can spend on relocation. This entire process can be very expensive if you are moving overseas. Don’t forget about governmental, notary, and translation fees.

#4 When to move?

When is the right time for you to move and what is the deadline? Choose the perfect moment to move to another state and talk to your family. If you have kids, the best time is usually during the summer break.

Completing the relocation off-season between October and April is a great option because moving companies are not that busy. If you are able, choose this period. Especially if you are moving to the southern part of the USA or other sunny countries where summers are very hot.

#5 Know the laws

Each country or state in the USA has different laws. Make sure you have all the documents and permits for working in another country and if you are staying in the USA, research rules and regulations in that state. There are regulations for the employee and employers as well. Especially if they plan to hire expert movers for office relocation.

#6 Find a new home

When planning a corporate relocation, your whole life will be different. Before moving, research homes and see what you can afford. Talk to a local real estate agent and set your priorities and budget. You can find a home before moving or after moving. If you will search for a home after moving, then know where you will stay until signing the lease.

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Moving a business to a new location

If you are moving your business to a new location, what should you need to know before taking any further steps? Planning a corporate relocation does not have to be hard and complicated, you only need to plan everything in advance. To plan an office relocation hire a professional moving company and do not lose productivity while moving.

The location is one of the most important things when owning a business. Choose a location wisely and ask for help from local real estate agents and consult with your team. Ask them for tips for office moving and do not work by yourself. 

A successful move requires timely prep

If you are moving because your business is changing a location, it is also a stressful thing for the entire family. But, moving your company means more work, more responsibilities, and money. Corporate relocation is emotional and stressful sometimes, but it has many perks. Working your dream job will make you satisfied with yourself. But, in some cases, it means you need to move and start your life somewhere else.