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Coronavirus: 5 Signs of Skin Infection in COVID-19

The second wave of the coronavirus has come with scarier symptoms that are entirely different from its classic signs. Coronavirus now affecting on other vital organs. 

Covid 19 virus upgrades through mutation and is empowered with different markers. Therefore, some signs are easily missed in the primary stage. The SARS-COV-2 virus can cause skin infections. Therefore, we should be aware of covid -19 symptoms before the disease get severe because covid-19 affects multiple parts of the body beyond the lungs. 

Covid-19 affects your skin, and you can see the visible infection. Some skin symptoms indicate the severity of the disease. Covid-19 causes different types of rashes, COVID toes, and hair loss. Most of them get recovered with time. When the coronavirus infects our body, our immunity power starts to fight against this infection, and allergy, rashes are the common symptoms of your immune response.

Five Significant skin issues associated with Covid-19 infection

Covid toes and finger

Dermatologists around the world have observed that some covid-19 patients have struggled with discolored and swollen toes. In most cases, young people develop covid toes when they get infected with the covid-19 virus. Covid toes cause purplish discoloration of toes and fingers. In addition, your toes may get swelled and brownish. In maximum cases, the symptoms appear only in your toes. Thus, it is known as COVID toes. The discoloration and swelling start on one or several toes and fingers. 

There are no particular symptoms. Covid toes are a symptom of covid-19 infection. Many people don’t have other symptoms, rather discoloration, swelling, and mild pain on their toes, fingers, and hands. Apart from swelling and discoloration, covid toes may cause itching, dryness, and blisters. Sometimes one or more toes may turn pink, red and get swelled. Also, you can see a small amount of pus underneath the skin. Although the covid toe is a significant symptom of covid infection, the patient may suffer from caught, cold, and mild fever. 


Rashes and blisters are not the 100 % assured symptom of covid 19 infections, but this infection may cause itchy rashes on your skin. It refers to any inflammation and discoloration that damages the regular appearance of your skin. Common rashes of covid-19 include eczema, hives, athlete’s foot, and poison ivy. Over-the-counter products such as ointments, along with covid-19 medication, help reduce the symptoms.

Covid-19 associate rashes can be itchy and painful and spread inflammation on the skin. Covid rashes can apply to any part of your body, including the back of the neck, arm, toes, and thighs. The rashes usually take place when the virus starts to multiplying and attack arteries and veins. The rashes could be itchy, inflamed, painful, patchy. In the second wave of covid-19, people suffer from oxygen scarcity, and it is the reason for discolored, patchy rashes. Body inflammation appears in the form of reddish and purplish bumps around the nails and toes. In addition, some patients suffer from neck and chest eczema; Skin rashes reflect the sign of mild to moderate severity. Covid 19 asymptomatic patients also develop skin rashes in a different area of their body. If it is happening to you, consult with a doctor immediately.


According to experts, the presence of urticaria, hives could also be a symptom of covid-19 that rapidly spread over your skin. The fundamental difference between typical rash and covid 19 rashes is that covid rashes and hives could come and go within an hour or day; they may resolve their own. However, urticaria could be itchy, painful, may cause bumps across the upper surface of your skin. In addition, researchers reported that urticaria could also appear long after a covid 19 patient recovered from the infection.

Fishing net-like structure

A net-like fishing structure on the skin is known as livedo. Sometimes it comes with tiny bruises. Generally, old age people with coronavirus infection show livedo

Rashes associated with the multisystem inflammatory syndrome

Rashes associated with the multisystem inflammatory syndrome (MIS) are mainly observed in children. It happens because of an immune system overdrive that triggers inflammation in the blood vessels of the heart. Consequently, blood clots and it is a symptom of shock.

How do you differentiate covid infection and normal skin rashes?

After a series of research and studies, doctors reported that it is challenging to differentiate covid 19 infection and skin rashes. At the same time, many crucial symptoms could also appear when you are suffering from skin infection and allergy. If you are suffering from cold, dry cough, and mild fever along with skin rashes such as hives, urticaria, inflamed toes, take consultation from a good skin specialist in Dubai. If fever persists, he may ask you to do a corona test. If the result comes negative, he will prescribe you some anti-bacterial ointment and medicine to treat them.