6 Considerations When Choosing a Managed Service Provider to Boost IT Innovation

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Innovation was always considered to be one of the main driving forces behind economic growth. The fortunes of the business world are firmly tied to the development of tech and the companies that managed to position themselves as disruptive forces were always in a better position than the ones playing the catch-up game.

In this day and age, when digital technologies are gradually taking over all facets of our lives, these opportunities for progress should be sought after in the IT realm and managed by third-party service vendors able to muster enough resources to make tangible improvements. With that in mind, let us take a look at a couple of traits that should help you find the best talent on the market.

Relevance to your company’s current requirements

Most business owners tend to look at MSPs as nothing more than glorified repair and maintenance vendors so it shouldn’t be that big of a surprise the services they get don’t stray too far from this limited range. Aside from making sure your software tools are running smoothly, experienced MSPs can offer valuable insights in regards to the cloud storage services, and IT performance as well as make an actionable recommendation regarding the future development of your company. Look for vendors capable of providing such services.

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Versatile team and certified expertize

Managed service providers capable of driving innovation don’t only need to have a very high level of technical proficiency – they also need to be able to tackle a wide variety of technologies and act with confidence in the case of all imaginable technical issues, breaches, and disasters. Data science is quickly changing every aspect of your business and you can’t allow your MSP team to lag behind. Of course, this variety of technical expertise should be backed up with official certification or the previous body of work.

Work culture and practices

In order to be able to inspire innovation and creativity in your company, your MSP needs to foster these important qualities under its own roof. The companies rooted in the traditional customs and don’t allow their workers to operate independently are not suitable for the tasks ahead. So, do your best to find out as much as you can about the inner workings of your future managed service provider or even schedule a meeting and visit its premises yourself. Even this short visit should get you a good idea of the local corporate culture.

Seamless onboarding process

Onboarding can be a very tedious process that can bring your operations to a grinding halt until it’s fully finished. Your goal, in this regard, is to find an MSP team that will cut these growing pains to the barest possible minimum. So, if your company is, for instance, located in Australia you should look for managed IT services in Sydney or some other Australian business hub. The nearby experts have a good knowledge of the local business environment, have compatible schedules, and know the necessary moves for growing a company in the smaller local markets.

Customer success or innovation teams

These two traits are a very good indicator that your future MSP will be ready to go beyond the regular call of duty and provide its clients with effective, actionable solutions necessary for sustainable growth. The foundations for success can be found in focus and dedication and setting up dedicated teams of people with the sole purpose of taking care of the clients’ needs and providing suggestions for future IT development, although not a guarantee of success, demonstrates the vendor is willing to put enough care into these issues.

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Focus on cloud technology

Cloud computing is the technology of the future. This self-governing system provides effortless maintenance, timely updates, excellent scalability options, very low-upfront costs, and top-tier cyber-security. All these perks make necessary prerequisites for any sort of meaningful future development. Therefore, your future MSP vendor needs to have a heavy focus on this technology in its portfolio. If that is not the case, you are only going to get temporary patch-works instead of sustainable long-term solutions.

We hope these few suggestions helped you get a general idea about the traits you should look for to find the best possible IT managed service provider. The present-day business world relies so heavily on the latest digital tech you can’t allow your company to lag behind in this regard. The key to success lies in constant improvement and innovation, and these requirements can be met only by the best MSPs in the industry. Now, you know how to find them.