Comparing Traditional and Digital Marketing

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Digital Marketing versus Traditional Marketing is ross near me the most heated of the new age discussions we’ve come across. On the one hand, tech experts give the most clear argument in favor of the rapid pace of digitization and how digital marketing can be distinguished from traditional marketing. Corporate Executives, on other hand, who operate within conventions, can more easily than not justify traditional marketing. Before we discuss this question further, let’s understand what the main difference between the two.

What is Traditional Marketing?

Traditional Marketing refers to conventional methods of Dayane Mello the name of a brand. It includes newspaper advertisements, billboards for billboards, magazine ads hoardings, brochures etc. Traditional marketing also includes networks marketing. In the most fundamental way, Traditional marketing refers to a structured effort on endorsing the brand, but with no dependence on online techniques. The traditional offline mediums are usually the media channels that brands use when they are promoting their brands.

The tools for Traditional Marketing include:

1.Print Marketing2. Broadcast Marketing 3. Referral Marketing

  1. Outdoor Marketing
  2. Publication Marketing Let’s take a look at some examples of traditional Marketing: A. Vicks, a famous brand in India came up with an advertising campaign that was titled Touch of Care. The advertisement film showed daughter’s bond with their transgender mother. This ad film that went viral due to the way it struck a chord with the sentimentality of the viewers. B. Dove, around mid 2000, had the idea of offering free samples of newspapers in the morning. This idea helped the brand popularize itself. This brand strategy worked for the brand’s benefit. What is Digital Marketing? Digital Marketing, as the name implies is the marketing initiatives of a company using online channels. It is the method by which a brand is handling its online reputation. Optimizing your brand’s reputation is the foundation for this. The primary channel would be Internet. The sub channels are blogs, websites, social media platforms, etc. Digital Marketing is an element of complex procedures. The tools include:
  3. Facebook Marketing
  4. Digital Campaigns
  5. Search Engine Optimization
  6. Content Marketing
  7. Influencer Marketing Let’s examine a few ways to use Digital Marketing: A. Kitkat hit it big with their influencer marketing strategy. The challenge they put on which involved participants in lip-syncing with the new song was quite popular. The challenge brought tremendous attention to the image of brand Kitkat. B. Kellogg’s launched their digital campaign using Stranger Things on Netflix. We saw in the series the ways in which Eleven was in love with the Kellogg’s Eggo waffles. The promotion on the internet that used elements of storytelling created a string of desirable effects to the business. Which one Should you go for? Market conditions are a result of the competitiveness that is currently in place. In this type of situation, both offline and online presence are important. While it is crucial to keep your optimization in check and maintain an outstanding online reputation however, it is equally essential to keep a solid offline presence. While they may have different channels, both traditional and digital marketing operate on the same principles. The marketing Mix is the foundation of any marketing strategy composed of Price, Product Place and Promotion, is basically the basis of both traditional as well as digital marketing. Thus, a successful marketing strategy should have the proper blend of both traditional and digital marketing.While SEO or SMM are wonderful ways of reaching people’s computer screens but there’s more to the world than that that is reachable via the various aspects of traditional marketing. As you’ve seen Marketing can be quite fixing. They’re services that call for expert advice and professional assistance. When done properly, Marketing can be a powerful force that will produce numerous positive results for your brand’s ambitious goals. Bangalore, India is the center of creative agencies. There are a variety of creative agencies that work on Hoardings, Brochures, ad films, etc. they operate in this area, among them is Moshi Moshi. Moshi Moshi is a renowned artistic ad agency. They offer you premium solutions in Branding, Digital Marketing, Animation Videos, Digital Signage and many more.