Common problems and solutions of phones


Mobile phones are probably the most important gadget of the modern age that we can’t live without. Since it is a machine, it is prone to problems, damages, and malfunctions. Our mobile phones travel more than us, from restaurants to parties and plan to taxis. 

This excessive use is sure to raise the possibility of developing issues. Smart people opt for phone insurance and cover their bases for theft and damage, with some good companies providing same-day phone repair, something you don’t get very quickly. 

If your phone is broken and busted, you will need to drop it off at an authorized dealer and wait for a couple of days unless you have some insurance plan that can offer same-day phone repair

You can avoid many of the simple problems without any personal assistance. This writing will share some of the most productive hacks that can save you hundreds in repairs. 

Smartphone is running slowly.

The most common problem people face is the sudden slow speed of their mobile phones. This issue is primarily reported in outdated phones with old operating systems incompatible with the new versions of apps on your phone. 

If your mobile is up-to-date and you still face this problem, try closing apps in the background that hog up much of the RAM and slow down the process. It is better to remove unnecessary apps, files, caches, and cookies from your device to lighten the burden. 

Battery draining quickly.

The second most common issue among phones is the fast draining of the battery. Some phones, like older iPhones, came with small batteries, but that has changed, and some people still complain about poor battery life.

Many factors contribute to the battery problems of smartphones, but that can be avoided with little care. Always use the suitable charger and cable with the mobile phone in the casing. 

When charging the phone, avoid any heat conducting places that might heat the battery and slow down the proper charging process. Check your battery setting, look for apps that strain the battery, and close them in the background. 

Battery saver mode in every smartphone ensures that the background apps, animations, screen time, etc., are controlled to conserve energy and prolong the battery life. 

Phone is overheating.

The overheating problem in mobile is due to excessive use. People are hooked on phones playing games that consume a lot of energy and drain the battery very quickly, which heats the entire device. 

The solution is easy, give your phone a break, don’t download malicious apps that consume power in the background, and never use your mobile while charging. Using your mobile while it’s charging is a health hazard as it overheats the mobile, which can result in the phone’s explosion. 

Phone and apps start crashing.

Phones mostly crash when your phone is not updated, or you download and install an update with a bug. Troubleshoot the device and if your apps are crashing, try shutting them down and restarting the phone. 

Crashing the apps or the phone is similar to slowing down and can be avoided by taking the same precautions of removing faulty apps and files from the device, keeping it updated, and cleaning out caches.