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Whether you’re looking for a wheel for an appliance or a wheel to mount your chair, you’ll find Colson caster wheels by caster Central to be the perfect choice for you. These wheel are made of durable materials that will keep your chair in perfect condition for years to come. They also come in different styles and sizes to fit your needs. Click here for more info

General Duty

Whether you need a caster for a light or heavy duty application, Colson can provide the right solution for you. With 130 years of experience in the industry, Colson has the knowledge and expertise to create a caster solution for your specific needs. They can design new custom solutions or modify existing products. Colson’s design teams work with you to ensure that your needs are met.

Colson offers two low-cost caster lines for light duty applications. The L Series casters are a great choice for light-duty applications and offer corrosion resistance. These casters are made from zinc plated steel for durability. These casters are available in a variety of sizes. They are also available with a riveted axle and nut and bolt assembly. They also offer optional top locking brakes.

Regent Rigid Top Plate Model

Designed to meet the demands of even the most discerning of users, this light duty wheel caster offers plenty of bang for your buck. Featuring a dynamic capacity of 160 lbs., this is one of the most popular institutional casters on the market. Featuring a zinc plated finish, this wheel is available in a host of colors and finishes including polished nickel and black. The one liners have grease fittings to facilitate easy maintenance. The Regent caster is a worthy addition to any warehouse or store.

Aside from the Regent caster, caster Central also stocks a range of wheel and caster accessories including pneumatics, brakes, caster mats, and more. With a wide selection of casters, wheels, and accessories, you are sure to find the right casters for your needs.

Jarvis Food Service Mini-Catalog

Despite the name, Jarvis casters aren’t just about wheels. They offer a plethora of products and services to meet your food service needs. The company’s in-house capabilities have enabled it to design and manufacture products that meet industry standards. They are a trusted supplier to equipment manufacturers around the world.

Jarvis casters offer a full line of NSF listed casters in a variety of sizes and materials. The company also offers a number of other notable products, including a full line of swivel casters and leveling casters. If you’re looking for a new caster to outfit your swanky restaurant, or simply need to update the one you have at home, give the pros at Caster Central a call! They can’t wait to help!

Pemco Never-Flat(tm) PF

Using Pemco Never-Flat(tm) PF caster wheels is one of the best ways to provide the most protection for your load and the floor. These wheels feature sealed raceways and a unique open and closed micro cellular polyurethane technology to keep your caster wheels from ever going flat. Pemco has been a leader in the caster industry for over 60 years and provides a wide variety of multi-purpose casters for a variety of applications.

Pemco Never-Flat(tm) features include the DSB dual-sealed double raceway ball bearing, which is featured on many of Pemco’s casters. This unique ball bearing is a highly durable product that can handle the most extreme use. Caster features may also be important to you, such as a brake, which can be used to safely load and unload uneven surfaces.


CG-MAX wheels are innovative polyurethane wheels on aluminum wheels. They have been engineered to offer the ultimate durability and ergonomic advantages that will drive new value into your operations. They also offer the longest life of any wheel in their class.

Colson has been manufacturing quality wheels since 1885. They offer over 200,000 standard caster models and provide continuous innovations and expertise to customize a solution to meet your needs. They are available in Chrome, Stainless Steel, Zinc, and other finishes. They are backed by leading warranties and offer unrivaled performance. You will find CG-MAX wheels to be the best in their class.

They have been designed to maximize your efficiency and material flow, providing the highest level of safety. They were developed to last twice as long as other wheels and outperform the competition.