CMC Markets Review: Key Findings for 2022


Because of its excellent pricing and wide range of more than 12,000 tradeable assets, CMC Markets enjoys the widespread trust and offers traders a fantastic trading experience.

With its in-house Next Generation trading platform, CMC Markets developed, the company won Best in Class honors in ten categories for 2022.In this cmcmarkets review we will discuss different mobile trading apps and other trading platforms for CMC markets.

Is CMC Markets safe?

CMC markets is one of the best spread betting broker. CMC Markets is regarded as low-risk due to its overall 99 out of 99 Trust Score. Five tier-1 regulators (high trust), one tier-2 regulator (medium trust), and none of the three tier-3 authorities have authorized publicly traded CMC Markets, which does not run a bank (low trust).

The Australian Securities & Investment Commission (ASIC), the Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada (IIROC), the Monetary Authority of Singapore, the Financial Markets Authority – New Zealand, and the Financial Conduct Authority are the tier-1 regulators have granted CMC Markets authorization.

Apps for mobile trading

The mobile app from CMC Markets has a simple layout and features, including several research tools, robust charts, predefined watchlists, embedded news, instructional content, and more. In short, CMC Markets provides an excellent mobile app experience.

Indicators uploaded to the web version do not automatically synchronize with their mobile counterpart, a feature offered by market leaders Saxo Bank and TD Ameritrade. This is the only minor negative I could find

However, once indicators have been added, the layout may be saved as a preset and applied to other charts on the CMC Markets mobile app, and watchlists synchronize with the web-based version.

App overview: The CMC Markets mobile app closely matches the web-based version of the Next Generation platform in terms of overall appearance and feel. There is no doubt that CMC Markets spent a lot of time developing the app, especially in light of the difficulty of organizing so much data on a screen that is so small.

Charting: The Next Generation platform’s charting on the CMC Markets mobile app is just as amazing as on the web. Although just 29 of the 86 technical indicators are accessible, it is still a robust offering compared to several of CMC Markets’ competitors.

Market analysis: The internal team at CMC Markets offers market analysis for the Intraday Update, Morning Call, Evening Call, and Price Mover categories, as well as a plethora of other topics accessible through the Next Generation mobile app. CMC TV, integrated instructional materials, webinars, and 23 trading strategy-related films are some of the study resources available. A noteworthy beneficial feature is that, after subscribing to an event in the economic calendar of CMC Markets, you will get an alert when the time of the event or news release is near.

Other resources: The CMC Markets mobile app’s pre-made watch lists are excellent for spotting trade opportunities. Popular goods, price movers, and currently popular categories are all included in watch lists.

Other trading platforms

Usability of the platforms: Next Generation’s design, which prioritizes speed and usability, left a lasting impression on me while testing CMC Markets’ platforms. This is one of the top best spread betting broker. The platform’s layout creator gives you the option of established layouts, bespoke settings, and floating or fixed panels. Five layers of color-coded module coupling are available.

By triggering an update to the instrument displayed on your chart when you click on the matching symbol in your watchlist, this practical feature helps you save time. The platform’s ease of use is comparable to Saxo Bank’s SaxoTraderGO platform, another of my favorites, even if setting up the platform if you don’t use the default layout takes some effort.

Rich charting is accessible on the Next Generation platform, with 60 readily attachable candlestick patterns, 40 drawing tools, and 80 technical indicators and studies (or 73, if you count the 13 available chart patterns). The Breakout and Emerging Patterns tools are two of the Next Generation platform’s standout charting capabilities. When the chart time scale is altered, these patterns automatically update, allowing traders to scan from a one-minute to a monthly chart and quickly see any existing patterns.

Automated trading is not supported on CMC Markets’ Next Generation platform, although advanced order types, like its Boundary Order, assist traders in defining deviation parameters and reducing potential slippage.

Although its product selection is far more constrained, CMC Markets’ MT4 service can be used by traders seeking an automated trading experience. MetaTrader: CMC Markets increased the number of currency pairs it offers on MetaTrader from 38 to 176, bringing the total number of tradeable items to 220.