Clinical management of the waiting list in a general surgery service

General Surgery Instruments

Management of the hospital waiting list in a general surgery department


We present our experience in the clinical management of the waiting list of the General Surgery Service of the Hospital de Vila decans (public hospital of the Instituted Catalo de la Salut)


Design of a database for the clinical management of the waiting list of the general surgery instruments service, and evaluation of the results after its design and application

Material and method

Database created for this purpose, and that collects all patients included in the waiting list for elective surgical intervention during a period of 5 years (from January 1, 1996, to December 31, 2000)


The number of elective surgeries year after year has remained below demand, creating a deficit that would be equivalent to increasing our activity by 23.8% to adapt it to demand. The waiting list for elective surgery has been conditioned to the pressure of the emergency department, which has been progressively increasing. The established priority criterion has proven useful, with 60.8% of preferred patients having operated within three months, and 65.2% of non-preferred patients between 3 and 9 months.


  1. There is a progressive increase in the demand for surgical services in our area of ​​influence. 2) Better clinical management has been achieved, with a progressive decrease in the number of cancellations and an increase in surgical activity. 3) The number of rescheduling has been reduced from 32 to 14.3%. 4) We calculated a resource deficit (operating room hours) that would be equivalent to 23.8% of our current surgical activity in order to adapt to demand. 5) The database designed by us has proven to be a useful tool for managing our waiting list.