Clearing Customs with Unusual Imports

Unusual imports are all in a day’s work when you are a licensed Customs Broker.

exotic imports being shipped

While some aspects of the job might seem tedious – copious paperwork, and a strong understanding of various government rules and regulations – don’t be fooled, there are plenty of interesting moments in a day of the life of a customs broker!

According to Australian Customs Clearance in Brisbane, businesses and individuals import all sorts of weird and wonderful items from every corner of the globe. Some of the shipments that need to be cleared through Customs are highly valuable one-off pieces; others may make up a whole shipping container load.

If you have been wondering if your item or products can even make it into the country due to the unusual nature of the item then you can take heart – chances are, it’s been imported before.

Exotic and Unusual Imports

Higher end items which the company has processed and cleared include:

  • precious artworks, such as paintings or sculptures by some of the masters
  • collectibles such as screen-used costumes and props from blockbuster movies like Star Wars
  • artefacts from archaeological digs
  • signed sports memorabilia
  • antiques
  • engagement rings
  • unique vehicles.

There have also been some more exotic imports such as foodstuffs and low cost items being shipped in bulk, such as:

  • edible birds’ nests
  • covid home tests
  • adult toys made of plastic or rubber (as it turns out we don’t manufacture these in Australia)
  • consignment of eggs and sperm from sheep or cows for agricultural purposes.

Whatever the item, even if it’s a very ordinary and everyday item, Australian customs clearance can be a daunting and confusing process.

One small error may lead to lengthy delays or paying more duty than you are legally required to.

Making contact with a customs broker prior to purchasing a valuable item or unusual shipment of goods can be extremely beneficial – one that will arm you with the information you need to make an educated decision as to if this particular item can be shipped and cleared. 

There’s no need to be concerned or even embarrassed about your more unusual cargo – experienced customs brokers have probably dealt with it before – and if they haven’t, you’re guaranteed to make their workday that little bit more interesting!