6 Cities You Must Visit If You Are Obsessed with Good Music

Cities to Visit If You Are Obsessed with Good Music

You find it difficult to write a single word of your next masterpiece without good music flowing through your blood. Musical vibrations synchronize with the polarity of your poetic matters. Afterward, rhythms resonate through your bones and find their escape on the paper. Hence, music is your genesis and forever destination.

There are cities around the world that are perfect for music lovers, and you, being one, should immediately book charter flights in Dubai to fly away and explore them. Having said that, the classical grandeur of Milan and the rhumba, the simplicity of country and western in Nashville, and Havana’s mambo styles invite you.

Here are six cities, well known across the world for their music venues, great musical heritage, and being centers for stylish development:

1. Milan – Best Opera House

Milan is perfect for opera fans and electro and dance enthusiasts. La Scala is Italy’s most prestigious opera house. The venue, which dates back to 1778, has hosted premieres of works by Verdi, Stockhausen, Puccini, Turandot, and Madame Butterfly.

Also, you can learn about the opera house’s history at the Museo Teatrale Alla Scala, or you can visit the Verdi Symphony Orchestra and Choir at the Milan Auditorium. The nightlife scene is also very potent in this city, with fans flocking to places like Fabrique Milano, Black Hole, and Circolo Magnolia.

2. Vienna – Beacon of European Classical Music

Vienna holds claim to being the European capital of classical music. This city carries the memorable days of Mozart, Beethoven, Haydn, Schubert, Mahler, and Brahms, spending every waking minute studying and working.

Additionally, you can explore the outdoor ensembles in the city’s park or visit the regular recitals in venues like the Wiener Konzerthaus, the Theater an der Wien, the Wiener Musikverein, the Staatsoper, or the Volksoper.

Famously, Vienna is home to waltz, including the iconic ‘The Blue Danube Waltz” by Johan Strauss the Younger. He performed and debuted the waltz in this city in 1867.

3. London – Thick with Music

London is the city that offers almost everything to music lovers. For classical music, visit the London Symphony Orchestra at the Barbican Center. For opera, try heading to Covent Garden. Additionally, there are venues like O2 Arena, the Hammersmith Apollo, and Earl’s court that are suitable for enjoying contemporary big-name acts.

At smaller venues like Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club, the Half Moon in Putney, the Camden Roundhouse, and Barfly, you will also have the opportunity to engage with the emerging talents! Moreover, you can absorb the city’s history in the mid swinging 60s at Abbey Road Studio, and it is the place where the music of The Beetle and Pink Floyd were recorded.

4. Havana – The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread

The Cuban capital, Havana, buzzes with diverse music scenes, and it carries the musical culture of the generations of immigrants and slaves. Mambo, son Cubano, charanga, Cuban jazz, habanera, and cha-cha-cha are all genres that have evolved from African rhythms and percussion combined with Spanish guitars and customs.

Furthermore, you can explore music in pubs and cafés throughout Havana, particularly in the Old Town, La Habana Vieja. If you want to discover more about Cuban music, watch the documentary, ‘Buena Vista Social Club.’

5. Bologna – City of Music

UNESCO declared Bologna the City of Music in 2006 due to its tradition of musical excellence. Music played a significant role in the social and economic development of the city. You will find streets and opera houses filled with a mixture of classical, electronic, contemporary, jazz, and folk.

The opera house, the Teatro Communale, enjoyed displaying premieres of Rossini and Verdi. Moreover, you can roam around the International Museum and Library of Music, full of historical instruments. It once belonged to great composers.

The world views it as a festival venue for international events, focused on jazz, classical and electronic events like the Robot Festivals. You will also find smaller clubs like Bar Wolf, Bravo Caffe, and Kinki, where Jimi Hendrix once played.

6. Nashville – Downtown Music City

Nashville houses numerous bars, cafes, and clubs where you will live music being played each night. You can visit the Ryman Auditorium where the Grand Ole Opry radio show was originally held. Also, there is the Country Music Hall of Fame, which consists of records, memorabilia, and instruments from great composers like Earl Scruggs and Johnny Cash.

To sum up, you don’t have time to waste. Thus, book an aircraft charter and let these cities inspire your inner artist!