5 Reasons Why Christmas in Dubai is Perfect

5 Reasons Why Dubai Is The Perfect Christmas Destination

Dubai Christmas tree in Global Village (Photo by Global Village)
Dubai Christmas tree in Global Village (Photo by Global Village)

Have you ever dreamed to spend Christmas in the Middle Ease? Of course not, who has? Most people dream to spend their winter vacation in places like London, Paris, Köln, or maybe New York, but what would it be like to spend Christmas in a Muslim country? But what if I told you spending Christmas in Dubai is the best Christmas ever!

Perhaps your face would look like this ? and you would think something like “Seriously? A Muslim country. In the desert. I can’t think of any place more unChristmaslike.”

That’s exactly how the last person reacted when they asked me what magical destination they should visit for Christmas and I replied the United Arab Emirates. But let me share the 5 reasons why Dubai is the perfect Christmas destination.

1. The Most Beautiful Christmas Trees Are In Dubai

Ha! You thought there won’t be any Christmas spirit in the Middle East? To be honest I thought so too before I arrived and saw some of the most beautiful Christmas trees and Christmas decorations I have ever seen. Trust me I’ve been to London, New York, and Paris for the holidays and the Christmas trees in Dubai are even more amazing! Just take a look at these 4 Christmas trees below!

2. Global Village – One Stop For Christmas Around The Globe

Ever wondered what it would be like to spend your Christmas in Moscow, London, Paris, or Rome? But what if I told you you can spend it in every major capital city around the world all in one go? Dubai Global Village offers exactly that! Because here, you can take a Gondola through Italy while eating Belgian waffles and drinking Turkish coffee while looking at Moscow Christmas ornaments. The possibilities here are endless because the entire world is your playground here in Dubai Global Village.

3. The Perfect Weather On Christmas in Dubai

For those who are not a fan of the cold and miserable winter weather come to Dubai because it offers 77°F (+25°C) and sunny weather all winter long! Don’t get me wrong I love seeing the snow, but after 10 minutes in the freezing weather, I think it’s time to soak up the sun and take off the winter boots and jackets. But for those of you who need to feel the cold can go check out the “Chillout Ice Lounge” which offers below freezing temperature and delicious food to warm yourself back up.

Christmas at Chillout Ice Lounge (Photo by: Chillout Ice Lounge)

4. Go Skiing in Dubai

Ski Dubai is an indoor ski resort with 22,500 square meters of ski area. During the holidays you can not only go skiing here but also Visit Santa Village where you can meet Santa himself, build a snowman or go to a snow cinema with your popcorn and hot chocolate.

Meet Santa at Ski Dubai in Emirates Mall (Photo by: Ski Dubai)

5. Unique Christmas in Dubai Desert

You can spend your holidays in all of these wonderful places here in Dubai, but if you want a truly unique story, one you will never forget and will make everyone else’s Christmas story boring. Then meet your Christmas in the Dubai Desert under millions of stars! But you will not be the only one here, some even bring their Christmas trees. You can buy firewood from locals and start a fire where you can cook yourself a feast!

There are so many more reasons to choose Dubai as your next Holiday destination, but just watch this video of “Dream Team Travels” and see how they met the perfect Christmas and New Year here in Dubai! Check out the firework show they caparuted in the end of the video from the worlds tallest building Burj Khalifa.

What It’s Like to Spend Christmas And New Year In Dubai – Dream Team Travels